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Ah, New York City: the melting pot, the cultural salad bowl, the big apple itself. With such a lush and interesting city, New York City has a great deal of attractions to offer to the visiting guest or tourist. But what to do? Sometimes, when we have too many options, it can be difficult to comes up with a succinct plan of action. Luckily, many transportation services make this easy for the curious tourist in NYC, offering NYC bus tours that bring passengers to a myriad interesting and entertaining attractions.
Next time you want to tour the city, here are a few attractions work checking out:

Empire State Building
Built in 1931, this iconic Manhattan skyscraper was actually built as part of a competition to be the tallest building in NYC. And for 41 years, this 103 floor building was the tallest building in the world. The sight from the top of the Empire State building is magnificent, and tourists flocks from all over to see the city from the immense heights.

Times Square
Often referred to as one of the greatest crossroads in the world, the Times Square is the pulsing heart of Manhattan. With its glimmering lights and billboards, this NYC hot spot is always alive and always full of great places to eat and shop, with attractions a-plenty. Named after the Times building, this area of NYC is host to the famous New Year’s ball.

Central Park
For all bus tours in NYC, Central Park is a landmark worth seeing. At a length of 3.5 miles, the iconic park spans from the East to the West side, and is considered a natural haven for New York City natives. Central Park sees about 37.5 visitors every year, and its attractions include a zoo, bodies of water, and plenty of trails to walk, bike, and run on.

Of course, the list doesn’t end here. Tourist transportation services in NYC can take you anywhere, from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge. These transportation services often offer special packages and deals that will coincide with Broadway show tickets, museum attractions, and more.
So, what are you waiting for? Book your bus tour today!