Swamp tours

Have you ever thought about going on a kayak swamp tour in New Orleans? You definitely should! Louisiana has the most wetlands of all the states in the US and makes up 41 percent of the nation’s wetlands. That is definitely something to see!

If you are thinking of visiting New Orleans, you definitely have to make time for a swamp tour with your family. There is so much to see, and you can reconnect with nature and even burn some calories while you’re at it! Here is what you can look forward to while going on your kayak swamp tour.

1. There are many different kinds of fish

The Bayou Bartholomew has about 100 different kinds of fish, and you and your family would enjoy going on this swamp tour together to get to see as many of these 100 that you can! Help your children spot them, and enjoy taking pictures of all these beautiful and interesting creatures.

2. It’s great exercise

If your children haven’t gone kayaking before, help them cross it off of their bucket lists! A 150-lb. a person burns 340 calories in one hour of kayaking. It’s a great workout for your arms and exercise has shown to help boost our mood and help with both anxiety and depression.

3. You can reconnect with nature

Getting outside for some sunshine and fresh air can be great for not just you but your entire family. We spend so much time indoors on our phones and tablets that we forget the way sweet summer air feels and smells. We don’t get to learn about the environment and the different kinds of plants and animals that inhabit a place. Taking a kayak tour can help expose your children to the outdoors, and get them away from their phones! It can be very nice to unplug at times.

Are you thinking about going on a kayak tour in New Orleans? Share your favorite story if you’ve already gone on the tour before, and tell us what you remember in the comments! It is a great feeling to inspire others to go out and explore the world and learn more about what is around them.