With Valentine’s around the corner, you might be trying to find the perfect ideas for a date. How does the thought of watching the world’s most active lava-filled craters, magnificent rain forest, the jewels of beauty in the Pacific Ocean, the magical waterfalls from Kohala Mountain, and the incredible view of a rain forest sound?

A helicopter tour around the spectacular landscape of Hawaii in the arms of your loved one is magnificent. The aerial view of Hawaii is breathtaking and ecstatic, and sightseeing on a helicopter will leave tons of memory, and a smile on your loved one’s face. Still not convinced? Read on to find out what will you view on a helicopter tour.

1. The Volcanoes National Park

On the big island sits the world’s magnificent Kilauea Volcano. A closer look at this active volcano is the sight of lava pouring out.

The surrounding is filled with cooled lava rocks, giving it an amazingly natural look. You can also experience the eruption by hearing gas emissions and watching pillars of ash escaping into the air.

The park’s beauty doesn’t end there. The Thurston Lava Tube, the Jagger Museum, Devastation Trail, and the magnificent Halema’uma’u crater are other sites you can’t afford to miss out on.

2. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki, Hawaii’s biggest tourist attraction, is loaded with beauty. The beautiful crescent-shaped beach is the home of beautiful entertainment spots and shopping centers.

The sight of the beautiful waters and the sandy beach is magical. On the beach also sits the Diamond Head state monument, giving the coastline an attractive look. The monument also boasts rich history from the time it served as the Island’s coastal defense point, with old bunkers and artillery pick-up stations. A helicopter tour for the view would suffice.

3. Diamond Head Crater

The extinct volcano on the East of Waikiki in Hawaii is another go-to place for a sightseeing adventure.

The place boasts a magnificent view with a visible steep historic hiking path leading to a higher viewpoint. The beauty of this crater is only visible on the Diamond Head moment, but the helicopter view is unique and ecstatic.

The name ‘Diamond Head’ came from the 19th Century British sailors who found some Calcite crystals they thought were diamonds on its slopes. So it carries beauty and rich history as well.

4. Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Na Pali, meaning many cliffs, is yet another beauty wonder that should not miss in your Hawaii vacation ideas. The park boasts incredible landscapes featured in the film Jurassic Park.

On this Park also sits Mount Waialeale, famously known as “Wall of Tears” because of the waterfalls pouring down from its slopes. The only best way to get a glimpse of this breathtaking scene is by taking a helicopter tour.

The secret sea caves, hidden beaches, and the spectacular shoreline are worth every minute of sightseeing.

5. Hana Road

The Hana Highway, as it’s officially known, is an incredible stretch through the lush forest along the coast to the town of Hana.

Along the route is the beautiful scenic overlooks of numerous hiking trails, breathtaking waterfalls, and beaches. 50 bridges and 600 highways connect the road.

6. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma is a unique bay formed at a crater of a volcano. The bay boasts a splendor and magnificent view.

Beautiful blue waters and white sand surrounds the picture-postcard bay.

7. Haleakala National Park

Located in Maui, this park offers yet another incredible sight. Sitting on it is the 10,000 feet Haleakala Volcano displaying a picture-perfect view, especially at sunrise.

A higher view of the crater shows a beautiful lunar-like landscape. The other area around the park is a sight of stunning subtropical rain forest.

Packed Your Bags Yet?

Hawaii is one of the most incredible destinations for sightseeing. Surrounded by beautiful islands with incredible and diverse landscapes, Hawaii is a rich source of sightseeing adventure. Estimates actually show that in 2016 about 220,000 visitors visited Hawaii daily. These numbers have only grown since then. Given such huge numbers visiting the small island on any single day, the best way to enjoy everything the island is by taking one of the many Hawaii helicopter tours.