We’re moving. So many Americans are looking for a home these days. In some cases that means a new home, but in many places that means going from renting to owning. With about 17% of us living in an apartment or condo, there is a strong design to move to a home you will own.

However, moving isn’t as simple and straightforward as it sounds. There are a lot of things to consider and organize when you’re trying to move. One of the best moving ideas is simply to get organized. Know what you need to do and how you need to do it to help make your move as painless as possible.

Some things to consider when you’re moving include selling your current home, finding a new home, deciding what you’ll need, and ensuring all your legal and financial matters are in order. Read on for 8 of the best moving ideas to help you make your move a success.

1. Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Having a good real estate agent on your side is one of the best moving ideas. You will get more of what you want and have a better outcome by working with real estate agents you feel like you can trust.

Finding a good real estate agent isn’t as tough as it sounds. One of the best things you can do is simply listen to your gut. If something feels off when you meet your agent, it probably is. You should trust that instinct and search for someone who will be better for you and your needs.

Looking for a real estate agent isn’t a one size fits all proposition. You can and should talk to multiple agents before settling on one. It is perfectly fine to “interview” several real estate agents to figure out which one is best for you.

This might be an uncomfortable prospect or seem “rude” to some people, but buying a home is a major financial decision. It could potentially upend your whole life. Taking the time to ensure you’re working with the best people is not an indulgence; it’s a necessity.

best moving ideas

One of the best moving ideas when it comes to agents is referrals. If you have friends and family who’ve moved recently, talk to them and see if they have recommendations. These kinds of recommendations can be your best chance at finding an agent you will love.

When you do find an agent, make sure you look closely at your contract and understand all the terms you are agreeing to.

2. Consider Other Services Related to Real Estate

Agents are not the only real estate services you may find you need when you are moving. There are a lot of other realms of real estate that you might find you need help with as you go about finding and buying a new house.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find local services related to real estate. For example, you might be able to look up who owns certain properties in your city if they are owned by the city.

You may also need to request maintenance related to a property. Some local governments even sell off surplus property. Depending on what you’re looking for, this can be a potential route to a new home.

Of course, there are also legal concerns when it comes to real estate. Real estate is incredibly complicated. If you have any legal worries or doubts, a real estate lawyer can be an invaluable resource and one of the best moving ideas you’ll have. Don’t try to untangle complicated property law on your own when there are experts willing to help you.

3. Find Local Help

Alongside legal help, you may find you need local assistance with aspects of your move. It is tempting to do a google search for anything we need these days, but try to narrow your search to local services wherever you can. This can get you better and faster service.

One of the most common things people need help with while moving is, well, moving. A local moving service can help you do the literal heavy lifting involved in moving. If you already have a home and are moving to a different home, this can be a large task involving lots of boxes and heavy furniture.

best moving ideas

One of the best moving ideas you can have is to avoid hurting or stressing yourself by getting the assistance of movers. Local movers will know the local roads as well and be able to make your move go so much smoother.

You might also find other reasons to reach out to local businesses. Perhaps you want to redo the floors in your new home. Maybe you need to fix the roof or do pest control before moving in. Just about anything that could come up during a typical home inspection could be something a local business could help you with.

4. Figure Out How to Sell Your Home

A major hurdle to buying a new home is selling the home you’ve already got. Buying a home is stressful enough all on its own. When you add in selling the home you already live in, it can get overwhelming quickly.

You may find you need another agent to help you with the selling of your home. Many real estate agents can do both, but you should talk with your agent about whether that is a service they can provide.

Beyond the obvious need for an agent, there are many other complications when it comes to selling your home in the midst of a move. For one thing, you have to be prepared to show the house at certain times. That can make packing more complicated. People don’t want to see a home full of moving boxes.

For some people, separating the selling from the buying can be one of the best moving ideas for them. It is perfectly fine to take your move in stages. It is a lot to handle all at once. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of both selling and buying at the same time, see if you can stagger these. Moving into a new home might better enable you to sell your old home, for example.

You can also take less conventional routes for selling your home. You could try selling a house to a cash buyer, for instance. This is a less conventional route than getting a real estate agent and doing everything that way, but for some people it is a better path. You might find this is less complicated and allows you to enjoy a smoother buying and selling process.

5. Think About How to Buy a Home

When it comes to home buying, you need to think about more than the business side of things. A lot of the best moving ideas listed above are about the process – agents and seller and legal concerns. However, there are also many personal concerns when it comes to buying a home.

For example, you should spend some time thinking about how you will buy this home. How much cash you have available and how accessible that cash is a major consideration. Things like down payments, inspector fees, and other costs will need to be paid immediately. That means you need to know you can get to cash quickly in order to move this process along.

best moving ideas

There are a lot of hoops to jump through when buying a home. Finding a home is only one concern out of many you will face.

Even once you settle on a home you really want, you will need to get inspections and negotiate with the seller about any repairs that need to happen before you move in. You also may need documents from your city or state related to the sale.

Know before you get too far into the process what kinds of complications you may face when buying a home. We will discuss some of these in more detail below.

6. Figure Out Your Particular Needs

Don’t settle on a home before you know that it is right for all your needs. One of the best moving ideas is simply to make a list of the things that are priorities for you. Take that list with you when viewing homes. It can be invaluable in narrowing down your search and keeping you focused.

It’s really easy to get excited while looking for a home. This can impair our decision-making processes, however. Try to think calmly and rationally about any home you are considering buying. Does it suit your lifestyle and needs? Will it be able to grow with you while you live there?

One easy example is the garage. It’s easy to overlook a garage while searching for homes. However, a garage can make a difference. If you are the type of person who likes searching for used corvettes for sale or working on classic cars in your spare time, you’ll need a garage for that.

You might also have other hobbies like painting or outdoor sports that a garage could really help with. Ensure you know that before you commit to buying a home.

It isn’t just the home itself you should think about though. One of the best moving ideas is to check the surrounding area as well. You want to know you’ll be living in a neighborhood you love and that provides you with easy access to the services you need.

For instance, you might have health concerns. In that case, you would want to know that a medical care clinic or hospital is located nearby. Not having those facilities easily accessible to you can really make your life miserable. That can be a major strain if you plan to stay in this home long term.

7. Find Unexpected Financial Boons

Money is always going to be a concern when it comes to buying a home and moving. The cost of movers, new furniture, inspections, and all the rest can quickly add up.

That’s why it’s helpful to look for money help anywhere you can find it. Of course, the best moving idea is to save up so you know all your moving expenses will be covered. However, that is not an option that is accessible to everyone or sufficient to cover all your costs.

In that case, you could look for other avenues. For example, you could check out a local pawn shop. Things like collectibles, wedding rings, and other valuables can be an unexpected boon when you are trying to pay moving costs. If these items are doing nothing but taking up space among your belongings, selling them to make some extra cash can also help make your move less cluttered and chaotic.

8. Make Sure Your Legal Affairs Are in order

Finally, one of the best moving ideas is to make sure all your legal affairs are in order before you get too far into the process. Buying and selling a home involves some legal discussions when it comes to property rights and things like that. This is a good reason to get your other legal affairs in order as well.

best moving ideas

It isn’t just about property, either. If you have debt that you’re carrying around, that can make it harder for you to move successfully or buy a home. You should try to get that cleared up if it’s at all possible to do so.

Of course, you also want to avoid any major legal trouble during the time you are buying a home and moving. Make sure you don’t have to shell out for a bail bond in the middle of a move because of a stupid mistake. That can drain your finances and put you in a really difficult spot, endangering your hopes of moving.

Overall, one of the best moving ideas is just to minimize complications, whether those are legal, financial, or personal. The fewer complications you have to deal with, the smoother your move is likely to be. Hopefully, with a little planning and preparation on your part, you can make your move a success and end up in the home of your dreams.