Secluded cabins

When many people think of camping, they think of pitching a tent in the forest and roasting some s’mores over the campfire with their families.

Few people, however, envision a camping vacation spent on the edge of the Arctic that allows you to sleep among the polar bears.

A new camping venture in Canada’s Arctic territory lets you do just that, however. According to OZY, the Canadian company Black Feather, along with a few other companies, are now taking intrepid travelers on camping vacations where you set up tent on a sheet of ice. Campers can look out into the distance and see a narwhal’s tusk, or even catch a glimpse at a real-life polar bear.

What makes this possible?

During a brief period in late spring that lasts from around mid-May to the third week in June, before the landfast ice sheets begin to break apart, a wide variety of wildlife becomes active during their peak hunting season. Campers set up tent along the “floe edge,” the area of ice that meets the ocean.

For $5,164, Black Feather takes campers on eight-night camping vacations that depart from an Inuit hamlet called Pond Inlet, located on the north side of Baffin Island. Participants get the opportunity to travel on traditional Inuit sleds, and sleep in down sleeping bags for warmth.

In this part of the world, there is close to 24 hours of continuous daylight, OZY reports. And polar bears rarely come close enough to camp to present a real danger — usually, they just wander up for a photo opportunity. However, there is a guide on watch 24/7 to make sure campers stay safe.

“It feels like you’re really in [the polar bears’] environment here,” says Conor Goddard, a Black Feather guide. “There’s a thin layer of nylon between you and them, and that’s pretty much it.”

What are your thoughts on this camping vacation concept? Would you go camping at campgrounds that place you among a population of polar bears? Share with us in the comments below.