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One of the most popular activities in the United States is an activity that would probably surprise most people. This is because it is an activity that many people view as a means to an end and also because it is an activity that so many people are involved in within the span of a year. However, for some people, they engage in this activity in a way that is quite different for most people.

For many Americans, the concept of owning a private jet is absolutely insane. This is because the only people who can afford a private jet are people who are very wealthy and have a high level of income. But these people who do indeed own a private jet would definitely say it is a great item to own.

Owning a private jet would definitely allow for someone to be able to fly without having to deal with some of the problems that people have with flying on a public plane. This includes dealing with small spaces for them in the commercial flight area as well as having to get their luggage from the baggage area when they get off of a flight. Here are some of the benefits of owning a private jet.

There are plenty of types of private jets and types of privates planes that exist right now. There are some private jets that are built for sports teams or executives that run a company and some that are built for a celebrity or a single person that has to travel quickly on a short notice time.

The business private jet is one of the most common types of private jets for charter. A 2009 survey was conducted that revealed that 20% of all respondents believed that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than in the office. So there is one benefit right off the bat that speaks to the positives of owning a private jet.

When it comes to passengers of business aircrafts, just about 22% are top management people while 40% are other types of managers and 20% are involved in technical, sales, or the service staff. Also, nearly one-third of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport and just about 20% of all flights are into large commercial airports. These are some of the facts that surround owning and flying a private jet.

When people fly on commercial airlines they noted that there was a 40% drop in productivity. Owning a private jet can also result in flights that are faster and easier to be on. This is because most commercial jets will fly at 35,000 feet whereas smaller jets will fly higher and do not have to deal with the same amount of air traffic which allows for the flight to be much quicker.

In that United States, private jets are going to be using a network of more than 5,000 airports as opposed to the network of 550 airports that are used by commercial airlines. So this even makes the process of being at an airport a little bit easier for someone flying on a private jet.

There are more than 1.2 million people in the United States that are currently working in the aviation industry. It is important to keep in mind that this industry manages to generate nearly $150 billion each year. In the year of 2011, there were over 11,000 private jets registered across the United States. The United States accounts for 50% of the private jet market, with Europe in second at 21%

In Conclusion

Flying and owning a private jet definitely comes along with a lot of benefits but it is not something that is commonplace amongst many Americans. While the average person may see this as a silly perk that comes along with being rich, there are a lot of benefits for a company to get involved with a worldwide jet charter. As previously mentioned, there has been a lot of studies conducted surrounding productivity and it has revealed people are more productive on private flights.