Aircraft charter services

You only get so many vacations off every year. In fact, many Americans aren?t even taking all the vacation days they?re given — and in many cases this doesn?t add up to that many vacation days.

If you?re taking a much needed vacation, it?s time to do it in style. This doesn?t necessarily need to mean that you take out a loan or max out your credit card in order to have a good time. However, if you?ve only got a week off and you?re trying to de-stress, is a busy, chaotic airport and a plane seat that?s too small the best way to start off your adventure? Here?s a few tips for de-stressing the right way.

Get That Fancy Drink You Want

Trust us, you will never regret a fancy drink brought to your beach blanket-side on the coast of Mexico, even if it?s more than you?d usually spend on a combination of fruit, alcohol and ice, or whatever the combination may be. It?s good not to go crazy, but it?s alright — and enjoyable — to indulge. This isn?t something you’d normally allow yourself, after all. So why not go with it this one time?

Private Jet Charter Services

It?s likely that, if you want to travel, you?ll need to go by plane. It’s no secret that taking a commercial airline can be a hassle. If you need to take connection flights, you might end up waiting long hours in a crowded airport, eating overpriced McDonalds meals because all they gave you on the plane was peanuts and water. If your connection is short, on the other hand, there?s always the worry that the airline won?t transfer your luggage in time and you?ll arrive to your destination sans pajamas and other important items.

A private airplane charter is one solution to this, and it could be more affordable than you think — especially considering the availability of things like empty leg flights. This is when a customer orders a jet from, say, Miami to Dallas but the plane still needs to return to Dallas. Rather than go without consumers, the airline will try and find someone for the flight back, in order to save money. Private jet customs are also far quicker and less invasive feeling than standing in a line and waiting to hand over your shoes and computer.

Do private jet customs or fancy drinks appeal to your sense of vacation?