How are replacement lenses mailed

We all know that song about wearing sunglasses at night. Picturing this dude cruising the club in the middle of the night with his shades on is just about as creepy as it gets, regardless of his intentions. It is simply not socially acceptable to go around at night with sunglasses on, and there is a trend these days of people actually wearing sunglasses indoors which is just as frowned upon. Maybe its an etiquette thing that you shouldn’t conceal your eyes when you’re talking to someone, but any way around it wearing sunglasses is not acceptable unless you’re outside in the sun.

If you’re someone whose eyes are sensitive to light or you suffer from migraines, you may be able to get away with wearing your sunglasses indoors with replacement sunglass lenses. Replacing sunglass lenses that are really dark or black with a different set can make your wearing them inside much less offensive.

Replacement lenses for sunglasses come in a variety of colors and tints, so you should have plenty to choose from that help shield your eyes from light without completely concealing them. Tinted replacement sunglass lenses can also help you see more clearly outdoors and in other settings as well. For example, gold or yellow tinted lenses can help you see better against a blue or green background.

When you’re looking into sunglass lens replacement you should try to find replacement polarized lenses. If your eyes are already sensitive, you’ll want to protect them from the UV rays from the sun, which are very harmful and can cause a number of different types of damage to your eyes and the area around them.