Are you looking to renovate a condo with the purpose of renting to vacationers? If so, there are many pointers that you can follow to ensure your renters are completely satisfied with every facet of the space. Below, we’ve listed ten different tips for renovations that’ll no doubt leave the visitors renting a condo impressed and itching to come back: upgrade the kitchen cabinetry, repaint the exterior, install new countertops, update the bathroom space, ensure functional plumbing, and more. Review this list and contact the appropriate professionals today to schedule these many renovation projects.

Upgrade the Kitchen Cabinetry

The cabinetry in a kitchen is the focal point that can sometimes make or break the interior design. In addition to taking up lots of space, the cabinets are a feature that all renters will use while cooking meals during their stay in your condo. With this stated, it’s essential to update the cabinetry if it’s damaged. Harm to kitchen cabinets can come from many different things. First, this kitchen feature can be damaged by excessive moisture. Conditions such as these, commonly due to poor ventilation or poor cooking cleanups, can cause the cabinetry to rot and crack. Pesky pests, such as termites, seem to be attracted to kitchen areas and can also cause damage to your kitchen cabinets. More often than not, these pests will burrow their way into the cabinetry and make holes. In addition to being extremely unsanitary, these damages can ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen space. Finally, damage to kitchen cabinetry can be from improper painting application in the past. Cabinets in the kitchen area should be treated and prepped by sanding and applying a coat of primer to the surface. The result of poor painting application is bubbled and peeling paint. To fix these issues, contact a kitchen cabinet repainting company that can assist with the project and give you a fresh coat of paint that’ll have potential renters intrigued by your space.

Repaint the Exterior

Repainting the exterior of your condo has the obvious benefit of enhancing curb appeal. A local house painter can come to your condo and give it an instant design upgrade with a new color. If you’re looking to repaint the exterior of your home solely for improved appearance, it’s essential to explore your options in terms of paint colors. When making these decisions, it’s crucial to understand which colors are currently trending in the home design world so potential renters will get the impression that your condo is updated and modern. Examples of these trending exterior colors include slate gray, eggshell white, matte black, forest green, and navy blue. In addition to enhancing the look of your condo’s exterior, repainting also introduces increased protection from termites, damaging weather conditions, structural breakdown, and instances of splintering. With all of this considered, inspect the condition of your exterior paint and see if it needs some attention from professional painters before renting a condo out to visitors.

Install New Countertops

The countertops in your condo, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, can do a lot for the look of the space. With this stated, you may want to consider installing new countertops if they are damaged. One of the most common damages done to countertops is chips or cracks caused by wear and tear or excessive weight being put on it. Additionally, countertops can become stained from acidic foods, beauty products, or cleaning supplies. While these imperfections might not seem like a big deal to you, those visitors renting a condo will notice them and might speculate that the place isn’t well-maintained or sanitary. When debating which countertops to install in your condo for replacement, consider many variables, such as durability, maintenance, and overall appearance. One popular countertop option that offers many perks is marble. Marble countertops are a common first choice for many homeowners due to their elegant and sophisticated appearance. The marble surface is smooth and has unique vein patterns that’ll make your condo look instantly trendy and clean. In addition to the beautiful looks, marble countertops are extremely durable and can withstand high traffic. Lastly, marble countertops are a great option since they have heat-resistant properties. With this considered, you can be confident that your guests can cook meals while renting the condo and not accidentally cause permanent damage if you install durable marble countertops.

Update the Bathroom Space

Your condo’s bathroom should feel like a relaxing oasis for visitors to relax and wind down during their vacations. This ambiance might be hard to come by if you have damaged or outdated features in this space. To have a successful bath renovation, first concentrate on the most frequently used appliances, such as the bathtub, sink, and toilet. Be certain that these features work to the best of their ability while also looking pristine. You can quickly make updates by replacing the faucets, shower doors, and various handles for these bathroom components. In addition to the appliances in a bathroom, it may serve you well to look at the floors in the bathroom if you plan on renting a condo out. Some trending flooring materials to use if you choose to replace them are mosaic tiles, natural stone, marble, emulated wood, and patterned tiles. Plus, repainting the walls in your bathroom and embracing some popular calming bathroom paint shades such as olive green, ocean blue, and emerald can be just the ticket for updating the room too.

Ensure Functional Plumbing

Nothing is worse than renting a condo and realizing that some of the plumbing is not functioning properly. With this considered, it’s essential to get all plumbing looked at before letting visitors arrive at your condo. One issue that can wreak havoc for visitors during their stay at your condo is water heater malfunction. The water heater’s main purpose is to heat water at a specific desired temperature that’s used for the bathroom showers and sinks, the kitchen sink, and anywhere else where hot water is needed. If this system is not working properly, your guest may soon find it hard to do simple tasks such as showering, doing laundry, or even washing the dishes. More often than not, this issue with the water heater is simple, and the appropriate professionals can get the repairs done quickly. Some common problems that water heaters have are a dirty burner or blocked fuel line. In addition to not making enough hot water, a water heater might also have issues with its loud noises, leaks, and water discolorations. No matter the issue, it’s likely that a professional can arrive at your condo quickly and complete a water heater repair and any other problems regarding plumbing.

Schedule a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a great renovation to tackle before renting a condo out to visitors because of the various advantages of the project. First, you’ll want to get a new roof because of the enhanced aesthetics that it provides. When scheduling your roof replacement with professionals, you’ll soon realize that you have tons of material options to choose from that appear refined and beautiful. Some popular roofing material options as of late include metal, clay tiles, wood shingles, and slate. In addition to the improved appearance, a roof replacement may be great if you’re looking to increase the condo’s protection from outdoor elements such as excessive precipitation and high winds. Lastly, a new roof is just the ticket if you’re looking to increase the condo’s energy efficiency before allowing visitors into the space. This perk is possible due to the new construction materials being durable and preventing the loss of valuable hot and cold air created by the HVAC system within the condo. In addition to saving energy and being more environmentally conscious, the increased energy efficiency will also mean lower energy bills and saving money for the months and years to come while renting out the condo.

Update Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a great way to modernize the look of a condo. Since this home feature is in every room, updating the light fixtures will quickly create a modern ambiance throughout the entire household. In addition to improved aesthetics, updating the fixtures can provide optimal light coverage for visitors renting a condo. With this said, once an electrician comes and puts new light fixtures into the condo, the result will be a more accessible living space to help vacationers see better while spending time in a certain room. Lastly, updating the light fixtures should be a part of your condo renovations because it will increase the safety measures for your visitors. The increased safety is possible because modern light fixtures are primarily manufactured with LED lighting, which is less prone to becoming hot to the touch and combustible. With this said, you and your guests can have the peace of mind that the condo is safe from all accidents caused by unsafe light fixtures.

Replace the Windows

Replacing the windows before renting a condo out to visitors can be transformative. Since new modern window options come with locking systems, sensors, and more, this renovation project can enhance the security of the condo. Plus, replacing the windows might be the perfect renovation for you if you’re wanting to reduce the noise for guests who will be staying at the condo. Noise reduction with windows is possible due to the multiple window panes and layers of insulation. Especially if the condo is by a busy interstate or loud airport, having new windows can make the stay much more enjoyable for your guests. To make the renovations even better, look into installing a custom window into your condo. The custom window, which will be made specifically for your condo’s layout, will act as a sort of focal point for the living space and take the interior design to the next level.

Incorporate Modern Decorations

To make the space feel like home for guests renting a condo, incorporate modern decorations. Depending on your condo’s location and your style, the decorations to choose from will vary. To help you gain some clarity on which decorations will work best, contact a local interior designer. This professional will be able to help you decide which items to purchase for your condo and where to place them for optimal attractiveness. For the living room space, look into incorporating abstract art, ceramic statues, and vases. Decoration pieces such as large mirrors, potted plants, and luxurious towel displays will look great in the bathroom. Additionally, don’t forget about the outdoor space at your condo. Depending on the climate, this may very well be where your guests will spend the most time. With this considered, incorporating modern decorations and sprucing up the space is a must. Some examples of what these decorations might include are solar lighting, water fountains, and door wreaths.

Invest in Quality Window Treatments

A window treatment can be described as anything decorative that’s placed around a window, such as drapes, shades, shutters, or valances. Window treatments are a good thing to invest in while renovating a condo since many benefits come along with this home feature. First, window treatments offer customization- meaning they’ll perfectly fit your specific window dimensions. Professionals will arrive at your condo and take measurements of your windows. After this initial appointment, experts will create the treatments so that there is no extra material hanging off the window once installed. Additionally, window treatments can increase the energy efficiency of the condo since they’ll prevent outside temperatures from seeping into the indoor space. Window treatments also have many design options, which can take the looks of the condo to the next level. For example, you can choose to get window treatments that are textured or smooth. Additionally, you can choose to order window treatments that are simplistic or with complex patterns. Plus, the color options are limitless. Some popular color choices for window treatments are grey, white, black, brown, and beige. All in all, you’ll be able to make design choices for this home feature with the utmost creativity.

After reviewing this list above, you can begin planning the various renovations needed for renting a condo to vacationers. Take the next steps by contacting the appropriate professionals and scheduling these transformative projects that’ll have your guest swooning when visiting your condo.