Private jet flight

People who often travel on a private jet flight find that they develop a very high standard for the best private jet experience. Upgrading from even first class to a private charter will be an adjustment of the best kind, and yet even then upgrading to a Gulfstream private flight. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge into this ultimate sign of convenience and luxury, let’s look at some of the perks of flying in private jets.

Why Fly Private? For the Speed, the Convenience, the Increase in Productivity, and the Food.

Feeling the Need For Speed?

A jet is faster than a commercial airplane, and a Gulfstream private flight is faster than the average private jet. A commercial flight is slower because the aircraft is required to fly lower than the heights a private jet can reach. While the commercial aircraft might cruise as high as 35,000 feet, a Gulfstream private flight might fly as high as 51,000 feet which allows it to skip over air traffic and turbulence.

Dislike Hobbling Through Security in Your Socks?

Flying this way also gives passengers another perk: security checks are very different, in that usually there is no long line. No one enjoys slipping off their shoes and slowly shambling through security checks. With a private flight, you’re treated with a little more dignity. Passengers usually are not subject to the same security measures that the passengers on commercial flights experience. Instead, they are escorted to the jet just before takeoff.

Private Flights Have a Record of Improving Productivity.

While the luxurious amenities might prove to be a distraction, the opposite is usually true. A 2009 study on the productivity habits of frequent fliers found that participants claimed to be 20% more productive on private flights than in the office. Yes, business employees actually felt more productive in the skies than at their desks. However, that same study indicated that flying commercially proved to encourage a 40% drop in the average business employee’s productivity. One way to account for this is noise: a private jet, especially a Gulfstream private flight, is very quite, much more so than flying economy might be.

Do You Have Specific Food Requests?

For those people who suffer from food allergies, dining out can prove to be a stressful endeavor. This goes doubly so for a severe food allergy that can cause anaphylactic shock. Private flights have the food served in-flight catered according to the passenger’s request, and can take into consideration any specific dietary concerns of both a serious and preferential desire.

Flying privately has its perks. Those people who have had the pleasure to try it claim that it is difficult to go back to even first class accommodations after the experience. If you would like to increase your productivity, convenience, and have your food preferences taken into account, perhaps you might consider chartering a private yet for your next long flight.