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There is a theme to the gifts that are wrapped under the tree this year. For your husband, you have wrapped a sleeping bag, a new pair of hiking boots, and a new fishing rod. For your college age son, you have wrapped a really large package that is a new mountain trail bicycle. For your high school daughter, you have wrapped two new books by her favorite authors and one of those cool new hammocks that can easily be hung in almost any location. For yourself, you have wrapped a lightweight rain jacket and a comfortable pair of hiking sandals. When the traditional visit from Santa occurs late on Christmas afternoon, however, he will be delivering the biggest gift of all: the announcement that the family has a five day cabin rental booked in the Grand Canyon campgrounds!
Families across the country are busy buying and wrapping presents as diverse as funky little toys that are nearly impossible to find and the newest technology gadgets. For the families who really want to promote spending quality time together, however, their gifts might focus more on destinations rather the latest trendy gifts. Few destinations build more family unity than camping together.
Does You Family Have a List of Favorite Campgrounds?
Some families make camping a yearly activity. Other families are very new to vacations that take place on campgrounds instead of hotels. Whether you are a family returning to one of your favorite campsites or a family new to the idea of reserving cabin rentals, you are going to enjoy your opportunity to get closer to nature and those members of your family are so busy when they are back at home. Campgrounds often encourage families to slow down, relax, enjoy nature, and start conversations that would otherwise not happen at home with everyone’s busy schedule.
Camping ranks as one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in America. Whether that camping trip is in a recreational vehicle, in a tent at a campground, or even just the backyard simply getting out of the house and away from the 24/7 technology can be a bonus. In the year 2013, for instance, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at nearly $5 billion.
Many families who are new to the camping experience decide to go the route of renting cabins. With a full kitchen and private bathrooms, cabin camping allows families to be in the middle of nature without giving up all of the amenities of home. Especially appealing to families with young children, cabins allow young children separate quiet rooms to nap, while also providing front doors and porches that open to the great outdoors.
Another advantage to camping in cabins is the opportunity to pay a single rental fee instead of making a substantial investment in camping equipment. And while many families enjoy purchasing and investing in the latest camping equipment, those dollars spent can be significant if everything is purchased at once. In fact, just in the year 2014, consumers spent more than $1.5 billion on camping equipment, with a large proportion of this expenditure spent on backpacks and sleeping bags.
Sometimes Camping Plans Are Made in Order to Reach a Certain Destination
Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? If so, you will likely never forget the experience. If you have not, a camping visit to this site may be your dream destination. And while some families want to camp at the most famous and beautiful national parks around the country, other families use campgrounds as a way to affordably stay near a destination amusement park. Instead of staying at the most expensive amusement park hotels, staying at nearby campgrounds can help a family extend their vacation budget.
The further advantage of camping is the ability to make and eat some meals, instead of always spending money at expensive restaurants. In addition to costing a lot of money to eat out, restaurants also require a lot of time. Time waiting for a table. Time waiting for the food. Instead, camping families can eat a quick and inexpensive meal in the cabin or the RV and be on their way to more local fun!