Campground in michigan

Each year, Americans collectively spend more than 500 million days camping in public and private campgrounds. The most popular way to camp out is to stay in tent, which 86% of campers will do at some point. While that may seem like “roughing it” to some, it’s all about finding the right camp sites for you and your friends or family.

Whether you prefer to rent cabins in Colorado or visit your favorite campgrounds in New York, here are three simple ways that you can have fun while camping:

  • Tent Camping: Although tent camping is the most popular way to camp, about 70% of tent campers only stay on vacation for one or two days. That’s a pretty short trip for all the effort of gathering supplies, setting up a tent, and planning activities to do in the wilderness. The trick is finding the best camp resort, so you have plenty to do beyond these parts of your stay. About 87% of campers choose to participate in multiple outdoor activities on their trips, so make sure to find a camping resort that has plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep you and the children occupied.
  • RV Camping: RV campers surveyed reported that they had the longest stays for any campers. About 28% of RV campers stayed five or more nights on their camping trips. Choosing an RV or a camper that hooks up to you vehicle means that you have to find the right camping sites. Make sure that your destination will allow you to park your RV, as some parks campsites don’t want to have vehicles disrupt the ecosystem.
  • Cabin Camping: If you’re looking for comfort and a bit of luxury on your next camping trip, try renting a cabin. This is an easy way to go camping because you don’t have anything to set up. Cabin rental gives you access to the same great natural features and attraction of a campsite, and you can have as few or as many amenities as that campground allows.

How do you prefer to go camping? Tell us your favorite way to camp in the comments below.