Winter vacations

Most visitors don’t think that Paris would be a good place to visit outside of the normal tourist seasons, but you’d be surprised by how exciting this city can be when you come during the chillier autumn months! Here are just a few reasons you should think about visiting Paris in the fall:

  • Fewer crowds: If you’re hoping to do some shopping in Paris or you want to visit tourist attractions like the Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower, visiting during “tourist season” isn’t the best idea — you could end up waiting in line for hours and wasting your whole day! During the fall, you’ll find easier access to the places you really want to see.

  • Drink some local wine: France is well-known for its sprawling vineyards and there’s no better time to enjoy the local regional wine than during September and October. Many vineyards are located close to other tourist attractions like castles or museums, too.

  • Walk through famous parks and gardens: There are plenty of gorgeous parks and gardens in France, and these only get more beautiful when the leaves start changing color! Autumn is the perfect season to relax by taking a stroll through the park with a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Dine on the outdoor terraces: Outdoor terraces are yet another thing that Paris is famous for! With fewer visitors, you won’t have to worry about getting seated at your favorite spot, and the weather is perfect during the fall for a meal outside at one of the many French regional restaurants.

  • More cultural events: As more locals return to the city after their summer vacations, more festivals and annual events begin popping up on the city’s calendar. This is the best time to enjoy an art show or take a trip (or a few trips!) to a Parisian cinema.

Regardless of what you end up doing when you visit during this time, you’ll leave Paris and immediately start planning your next autumn vacation!