Family camping vacations

When you say the word “camping,” many Americans picture a rugged patch of land out in the wilderness, with a flimsy tent and mosquitoes galore. And while many people enjoy getaways into the Great Outdoors, trekking out to the middle of nowhere with a troupe of cranky, smartphone-addicted kids isn’t the ideal vacation for everyone.

Fortunately, family camping resorts offer all the benefits of the outdoors with all the amenities and attractions of a modern hotel. Best of all, family campgrounds offer so many activities that your kids will forget all about television and video games for a week (which might mean some alone time for mom and dad). So what should you look for when planning fun family vacations to camping resorts?

1. Water Attractions

Many family camping resorts offer a variety of water features for campers of all ages. In addition to lakes and rivers, there are also the man-made attractions. Many family campgrounds offer pools with water splash parks and water slides. And swimming isn’t just fun for kids of all ages, it’s also a healthy physical activity.

2. Nearby Hiking Trails

Studies show that hiking is by far the most popular camping activity. Like swimming, it offers a great opportunity for exercise while also introducing young people to the miracles of nature. When selecting family camping resorts for your next vacation, look for camping sites with nearby hiking trails for your family to explore.

3. Fun Diversions

Although many kid-friendly campgrounds feature mini water parks, the best family campgrounds also offer attractions like mini-golf, basketball courts, or even corn mazes.

4. RV Campgrounds

Not all family camping resorts cater to RV campers, so double check to make sure your destination can accommodate your vehicle if necessary.

5. Check the Reviews!

Lastly, once you’ve narrowed down your shortlist of family camping resorts, don’t forget to check the reviews left by previous campers. If you can, ask friends or family if they have any experiencing with any particular family camping resorts.

What do you look for in family campsites? Let us know in the comments!