Best time to travel to brazil

When’s the Last Time You Went on a Destination Vacation?

Not just the same old trip to the Caribbean or Europe, but somewhere new? Did something else, but just as fabulous? Something like… South America Travel!! Well the time to do so is now!

Why South America?

A better question is, “why not South America?” Did you know that almost 30 million travelers visited South America in 2013? And that tourism is expected to grow in South America, by 2020, to 40 million a year, and by 2030 to 58 Million!!

What do these travelers already know? Something exciting is happening in South America!!

Have You Ever Considered Argentina as a Destination? Well, Why Not??

Travel to Argentina is simple, with daily direct flights from most major cities. Most of the international flights to Buenos Aires fly into Ezeiza airport (EZE), which is only about 22 miles from the city of the city. There are lovely hotels, museums, restaurants, many of the things we associate with European travel.

In fact, in Buenos Aires, like much of Europe dinner rarely happens before 8:30 or 9 p.m., and on weekends,often much later, after concerts and theatre. If you are looking for fantastic nightlife in Buenos Aires just check with your Hotel. The concierge of any good Argentina Hotel will have Argentina activity and travel tips.

Tip: Not to be missed, the Palacio Barolo. The Palacio, is 100 meters and 22 stories tall, and was designed as a tribute to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Each meter represents one of the Divine Comedy’s 100 songs) and the 22 floors represent the book’s 22 verses.

Or Brazil! Bikini’s, Beaches, Bronzed Tans…

Brazil, is the second most popular South American travel destination, with more than 5 million American visitors in 2012. And a part of it’s popularity is its diversity as Brazil is, by population and are, the world’s fifth-biggest country.

Brazil offers a huge variety of vacation options:

    undeveloped areas of nature
    leisure and recreation, on the world renowned beaches (Ipanema!)
    adventure travel
    cultural and historic tourism

and of course


And Brazil offers many popular vaction destinations and activities, including:

    the beaches at Rio de Janeiro
    cultural and historic tourism
    the Amazon Rainforest
    the beaches and dunes in the Northeast Region

And What of Peru??

Peru is known for their seafood, so if you fish, or if you’re a fresh fish foodie, Peru travel is for you! Lima, the capital city of Peru boasts more than 15,000 cevicherias (seafood restaurants), and aside from those has an outrageous number of bars and restaurants along its 80 miles of coastline.

So, with Such Enticements, How Do You Decide Where to Go in South America??

Why choose? Why not take a South America Cruise? See and experience several countries and cultures all while luxuriously sailing warm blue waters and dining on the best of local cuisines.

For Your Next Fabulous Destination Getaway, Abrazo South America!