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What is your favorite sort of vacation? Are you the relaxation king or the adventure queen? Tons of Americans love the outdoors and choose camping trips for vacation. In fact, family camping vacations are one of the most popular choices for Americans! In 2011 alone American families spent 534.9 million days camping. Camping is unique because it is different for everyone even if you are camping in the same area. Some people love relaxing while they camp while others just use camping as a temporary resting point during hikes. Camping resorts are a great option to choose for either experience! Here are just a few of the benefits of camping:

1. Personalized Vacation – Camping is what you make it. There are so many types of camping that you can have a different experience each time you go. The most popular form of camping is with a tent. A recent survey showed that 86% of people did tent camping. Of the other survey respondents 33% said they did cabin camping; 30% did back-country camping, 26% chose car camping, 24% camped in their RV, 11% camped in a backyard, and 8% slept under the stars. The type of camping you choose is just the tip of the iceberg; what you do when you arrive at the campsite is the next decision. At camping resorts you are sure to have tons of choices from fishing to hiking.

2. Health Boost – There are too many health benefits of camping for this article to name them all, one of the biggest is the exercise that you get. If you decide to take a fishing trip while camping, you burn more calories than you would have if you had been sitting in your office. If you hike or bike during your camping trip them you are adding in cardio which helps to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Being outside and in the sunshine is also a wonderful source of vitamin D which is good for your skin, just don’t forget the sunscreen! Camping resorts sometimes even have enhanced outdoor fitness options like ropes courses or zip-lining for the truly adventurous.

3. Low Financial Commitment – It’s not surprising than many American families choose camping for their vacations because the cost is much lower than other types of vacations like theme parks or beaches. The cost per night at campsites is extremely low compared to standard hotels and while you are camping you will probably be making your own meals instead of paying to eat out at restaurants.

Camping is extremely versatile. Depending on the area of the country you are in you can have a different camping experience in ever season of the year. Add in the health, and financial benefits and you can probably understand why just a few years ago in 2011, 42.5 million people went camping. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your tent and backpack and lets go camping!