Family camping adventures

It’s no surprise tent camping is the most popular form of camping. Almost every American has memories of pitching tents in the backyard or Boy Scouts trips to a local park. Traditional. Unassuming. Basic. While there is certainly a time and place for tent camping, from campgrounds on the beach to camping in Colorado, cabin camping rentals has become more and more popular and with good reason.

    1.) Time In the fast-paced world we now live in time may very well be the most valuable asset anyone can have. As of this writing it is impossible to gain more of it (still waiting on time travel). The setup and dismantling of a tent campsite can be a time-consuming endeavor and when almost three-quarters of all tent campers have only one or two-night trips that is time that could be spent making a fire, getting in an extra couple hikes, or just relaxing with a cold beverage.

    2.) Convenience Many people take weekend camping trips and so arrive Friday evening or night after work and have to be out by Sunday. Being able to pull-in after dark and not have to worry about setting up a tent relieves stress and can help set up a great weekend especially if inclement weather finds you. Plus the difference between spending a couple nights on the cold, hard ground and an old, creaky cabin bunk may not sound like much, but your back will surely thank you.

    3.) Cleanliness Sure, you’re camping so who cares about being clean? Well your significant other might, but besides personal hygiene it is important to keep your food, dishes and other belongings safe from insects, animals and any other germs that may invade your campsite. Obviously cabin camping rentals offers greater protection then a tent can provide.

The time, energy and overall efficiency of cabin camping rentals is something you can utilize and enjoy when taking your next camping expedition. It may even allow for you to squeeze in an extra trip altogether!