Morristown limo

You never hear people talk about getting from point A to point B unless there was trouble involved. Corporate shuttle services help business travelers by taking care of their transportation needs in an unfamiliar city. When traveling for business, it is a convenience to be able to focus on the work at hand, and not the unpredictable traffic.

In the U.S. each year, workers take 405 million long-distance business trips. Airport transportation isn’t exactly limo service; the goal is to get to the destination with minimal fuss and headache. Companies that understand this like to engage corporate shuttle services to make the trip easier on their employees.

The U.S. has about 4,031 businesses supplying airport shuttle service. These businesses may offer the standard shuttle bus or even limousine service, depending on the client’s needs. The main concern with corporate shuttle services is reliability.

While airport limo service at the curb would be lovely, shuttle buses are generally more eco-friendly, a claim that is becoming more and more of a determining factor nowadays. They also boast more room than a standard taxi. A group can more easily board and keep track of each other.

Business meetings occupy the time of about 113 million Americans each year, and those are not all in-office. The Travel Effect and the U.S. Travel Association found that in 2012 alone, businesses spent approximately $225 billion on business trips. When your job requires you to take a long trip to drum up business, or to check-up on another branch, it’s important to know getting from the airport to getting down to business will be easy.