Silver lake resort and campground

Camping is one of the most popular summer pastimes for families. In 2011, the total camping days reported by families were 534 million! The average camper goes on 5 trips a year, ranging about 190 miles from home. Tent camping was reported to be the most popular form of camping, with hiking the most popular activity. While camping with kids can be a blast, it requires a lot more planning than your average camping vacation. Read on for 5 tips that can make your vacation much easier.

  1. Get them used to it.
    Read books about camping before the trip, show them pictures of the campground, camp in the backyard as a dry run. If your kids are afraid of the dark, make sure you bring plenty of light (glowsticks, headlamps, flashlights).
  2. Pack Wisely.Condense your packing wherever possible. Get rid of extra cardboard and packaging on food items, bring your condiments in packets as opposed to bring the entire bottle or jar. Spices can go in small plastic containers. Make sure you label everything!
  3. Make a list. Make several lists. Camping with kids requires a lot of gear, and the more people coming, the more to keep track of. Making a list and checking off the things you pack, so you don’t miss something vital like diapers.
  4. Plan for rain Bring plenty of activities to curb boredom in case it rains. Essentials include playing cards, board games, and any toys from home that are appropriate to your child’s age (such as toy cars, dolls, etc). Another good idea is lengths of rope, in case your child is interested in learning knots like a boy or girl scout.
  5. Don’t forget first aid!Kids are clumsy, and they’re active, which increases the risk for bumps and scratches, not to mention bug bites. You will definitely need tweezers and a magnifying glass for splinters, band-aids, and ibuprofen. This is an absolutely essential item for camping with kids.

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