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Each day there are about 11 million business meetings going on in the United States. Many of these meetings require corporate workers to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Grouped together, American business people take over 405 million long-distance trips for business each year. Taking these figures, it is no wonder that knowing the ins and outs of savvy travel is important to maintain productivity and efficiency even while traveling. The following are some tips for how to travel for business without missing a beat.

Airport Car Service

Airport car service is one of the best ways to make business travel more efficient. As the average business trip lasts four days and costs $1,837, it is important to have travel arrangements scheduled ahead of time to avoid costly mark-ups for last minute travel or cabs. Airport car service is used by business employees because of the prompt and reliable service to and from airports. The car service not only picks people up from their final destination to a meeting location or hotel, chauffeured car service can help out with local airport transfers to lessen stress associated with traveling.

In addition to corporate limo service, another great option to continue productivity during a business trip is taking advantage of in-flight wifi. Many flights now allow passengers to use tablets, mobile devices and laptops to access wifi even during the flight. This allows business people to continue working to a degree even while traveling. This way, business people can also keep in touch with their clients and review information pertaining to their meeting while on the plane.

If you have any other tips to share about staying productive while traveling for business, please leave a comment.