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For big families spread across the country, family reunions can be a great way to get the family together, foster current familial relationships, and rekindle past ones. But family gatherings of that caliber require a lot of planning ahead and careful thought. But worry not! The following guide will guarantee that your family reunion is a smashing success.

Set the date!
To pull off a successful family reunion a lot of elements needs to come together. You should allow yourself at least 6-8 months of time to plan the event. This will give you ample time to choose a location, relegate responsibility, figure out logistics such as food and activities, and give your relatives plenty of times to make travel plans and take off of work.

Know your crowd!
Do you have a small family of homebodies? Are there a lot of children running around? Do your relatives like to travel? These questions are just a few to consider when booking your family reunion. If you have a family of travelers, consider a beachfront resort in a place like the Caribbean or South America. If you’re seeking a more low-key, local kind of event, consider renting out a campground or park. And if your family has small children, be sure your location has attractions for children and amenities such as family friendly condos.

Create a chain of command.
Planning and executing such a large gathering is near impossible to do alone. In each nuclear family, try and relegate a “leader”, and put them responsible for one component of the gathering. For example, have Great Aunt Mitchie bring the plates and silverware, and make Cousin Chuck bring dessert. A little bit of effort from a large group of individuals goes a long way.

Make a budget!
For large family gatherings, it’s important to remember that people come from a spectrum of socioeconomic situations, have different familial structures, and may have specific needs out of a reunion location. This means you have to budget accordingly. If you’re looking to have a remote family reunion, choose locations that are in their off-season, as hotel prices will be cheaper. If your family has a tight budget and can’t commit to an entire weekend of festivities, some great and usually free locations to hold reunions are public parks and beaches.

Once your reunion is planned, just remember to have fun and bring a camera. You won’t want to forget all of the wonderful memories shared!