Year round campgrounds

There is nothing more entertaining than the wild outdoors. Hotel rooms and amusement parks can get expensive and mom and dad aren’t necessarily all that entertained by Snow White or Elsa or the newest roller coaster. The good news is, no matter what state you live in, there is a campground near you begging to be explored. You can go cabin camping in Ohio, grab a tent for family campgrounds in Michigan or even try rv camping in Illinois. Check out three families that call camp sites their second home.
The Andersons
The Andersons have three kids under 10 years old. Plane fair and hotel stays are certainly not in their budget. But don’t be fooled – The Andersons are still adamant about camping in style. Lucky for them, camping doesn’t have to be the same as “roughing it”. They opt for cabin camping in Ohio where everyone gets their own room, there is even a stove top, and if it gets too cold you can always kick on the heat. The Andersons camp to help their kids gain an appreciation for nature and save so much money doing it. They don’t want their camping experience to be a “cramping” experience so they go for the largest cabin and to bring their family together.
The Camdens
The kids in the Camden family knew how to build a fire around the same time they knew how to tie their shoe laces. They are adamant about camping in tents and their parents both agree that cooking over a campfire with parental supervision is practically a recreational activity for kids. The Camdens know that there is a camp style for every family but they prefer it as rugged as it gets. They started out camping in their backyard before the kids where old enough to pack their own bags. Now they’ve explored every park in a 50 mile radius.
The LeGrands
The LeGrands like to take their show on the road! They have just one son who loves to bring a friend along. They use a big RV when they camp and stay at RV camping sites along the way. They have traveled to nearly have the states in their RV and could never afford to be such globe trotters without the option on staying in their camper rather than a hotel.