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Let’s face it: hotels are cramped. There is nothing lavish about a mini fridge. Once upon a time, staying in a hotel might have been a high end experience. However, vacation rental homes have become so easy to come by that it makes almost no sense to cramp yourself up in a 40 square foot hotel room. Now, its easy to find vacation rentals on the beach or even in the middle of large cities that are roomie enough to remind you of home and high end enough to get that luxuriously feel of vacation.

Luxury condos usually offer large bedrooms, high end bathrooms and great views. You can even find vacation rental deals with private pools or saunas. The amenities that are commonplace in summer vacation rentals would be unheard of in even a hotel room of substantial grandeur.

And not that you’ll be cooking at home during vacation, but isn’t it nice to have the option? Condos are like full service homes with kitchens, full bathrooms and even dining rooms. Image vacation rentals on the beach with a washer and dryer! That’s a convenience you just can’t get in a hotel room.

When it comes to vacation condos, even the cheapest vacation rentals surpass what you might get from a high priced hotel room. For example, a nice hotel room for two might cost you near $200 per night. However, a three bedroom vacation rental might cost just the same, even though it accommodates three times the people! Imagine vacation with your family in a place like Santa Fe! This is just one of many examples of cities that chalk full of large vacation rentals at prices comparable to a hotel room.

When you plan your next vacation, think outside of the hotel room. There is so much more to offer in a vacation condo rental.

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