We know what you’re thinking as you read this article. Camping during the winter? Really?


Because camping is one of the most popular pastimes for Americans these days — 43 million people visited U.S. campgrounds in the last year — planning your camping trip during the winter months can offer you a quiet, peaceful and more one-on-one experience with nature. In fact, you might be amazed at how much you can learn about the natural world by going camping in winter.

Yet there are still a few things you should do differently when camping during winter that you wouldn’t do during a summer camping trip. To make sure your winter camping excursion is as exciting and enjoyable as it ought to be, follow these three tips:

There’s no such thing as too much planning ahead

If the right precautions aren’t taken, wintertime camping can quickly become dangerous. It’s recommended that you never go camping alone during this time of year; make sure everyone in your group has a clear understanding of where you will be going if you leave the campsite on your own. In addition, be sure to check the weather forecast, local road and trail conditions and avalanche forecasts before embarking on your trip.

Pack the right items

It’s important to bring plenty of warm, moisture-wicking clothing on winter camping trips. Bring enough items for your base layer, middle layer and outer layer of clothing. A pair of sturdy, water-resistant boots are also imperative, along with hats, gloves, goggles or sunglasses and plenty of socks. Don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit, fire-starting materials, extra food and water and a source of illumination for when the sun goes down.

Bring gear for outdoor activities

The country’s best campgrounds and resorts offer some amazing winter recreation and activity, from skiing to snowshoeing to tobogganing. If you want to take advantage of these exciting activities, be sure to bring your own skis or snowboard — as your campground might not offer rentals.

Have any other tips and tricks for finding the best campgrounds for winter cabin camping or advice on successfully taking a family camping trip during this time of year? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below!