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It’s every camping enthusiast’s worst nightmare.

You’ve set up your tent, got a campfire going and settled into your camping chair — and then the bugs arrive, ruining any chances you had of enjoying the quiet and serenity that is the natural world at night.

There are ways to keep the bugs away, from bug spray to citronella candles; however, they never seem to work as effectively as you’d like them to.

That’s where a new camping lantern from Thermacell comes in. According to, the Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern promises to create a 15×15 force field that repels insects like mosquitoes and black flies around camp sites, ending your long war against bug bites.

How does a simple lantern do this? The Thermacell lantern comes equipped with a butane cartridge that heats a pad of Allethrin, which is a synthetic version of an insect-repellent substance that chrysanthemum flowers naturally produce.

The U.S. Department of Defense tested out this lantern (we’re not sure why the Department of Defense would be worried about repelling insects, but that’s another story), and ultimately found that it offers between 87.5 and 98.6% protection against biting insects, reports.

The Thermacell lantern’s manufacturers say the bug-repellent vapor is virtually odorless. And in addition to fighting off the flies and mosquitoes, the water-resistant lantern shines for 50 hours on four D-cell batteries. The Allethrin, which lasts for about four hours, can be replaced, as can the butane cartridges.

The only bad news? The lantern retails for a hefty $59.99 — but if it’s really as effective as it says it is, the cost of keeping bugs at bay during your next camping trip is pretty much priceless.

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