What to look for in a vacation rental

There are few things quite as American as vacationing on the beach. Americans love their beaches and as a whole tend to flock there as much as they can. A recent survey has shown that the beach is the top choice of American vacationers. Nearly 29% of those surveyed preferred vacationing at the beach, effortlessly beating out other destinations such as campgrounds, spas, golf resorts, etc. In fact, another survey has shown that more than two-thirds of American vacationers plan to visit Florida within a year! What’s there to do on the beach? Sixty percent of American beachgoers prefer to do nothing but there are plenty of things to do. Snorkeling, swimming, surfing, volleyball, frisbee, yoga, football, dining, shopping — you name it, you can do it on a beach (except maybe iceskating).

It’s always wonderful to stay at a resort or hotel but what about taking it up a notch. How about renting a beach property? Beach home rentals are increasingly popular with people from all over the country (and beyond). Thousands of Americans find renting a beach home to be not only affordable but just phenomenal. Renting a condo on the beach for you and your family has never been more feasible. For a reasonable investment, you can have your very own beach house right on the coast just to yourself!

Instead of having to deal with check-in, room service, and management, you can stay on the beach and just relax. You can spend hours lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Maybe a margarita is in the future? It’s your house; you can do want you want!

Vacation rentals provide a different kind of vacation. They are more personal and a bit more comfortable. When you want to get away from it all, renting a beach property truly allows you to get away from it all! Leave a comment or question below for more information about renting a beach property.