At one point in time, the American dream was something that people worldwide wanted to aspire to. Many still do. But that dream has become compromised. For too many people in the United States, the path that they have chosen to follow with the promise of being rewarded with their very own piece of the largely sought after American dream leads to more work than anything else. While it may eventually result in a big house or nice car, too often the price is a loss of vision for other passions.

Busy offices or all inclusive resorts?

Work is important, no one is disputing that. It puts food on the table and a roof overhead. It can provide experience and important networking connections or even friendships. But is it the most important thing in life? It shouldn’t be. And when you step back to evaluate, do you really want it to be? Would you rather spend time watching a screen, or watching the waves roll onto the shore at a beautiful beach? Would you be happier sitting in that comfortable-enough ergonomic office chair, or lounging in a bright reclining beach chair?

Work should not consume you to the point that you forget what else you enjoy in life. Perhaps you don’t feel like you have the time or money to spend on a faraway vacation. So check out some of the nearby resorts, and start with a mini vacation. Chances are it will lead to the wise decision to use up some more of those vacation days that have been gathering dust.

When you get away, make sure you really escape
One employment site published findings that stated that about 75% of workers who had paid vacation time did not use it all. Of those who did go on vacation, about 25% confessed that a coworker got ahold of them to discuss something work related while they were away, and 20% said that they were in touch with their boss while on vacation. And too many people voluntarily check for new work emails or voicemails while they are on vacation. In fact one in every 10 travelers admit that they cannot seem to relax while they are on vacation.

The whole point of a vacation is to get away. The point is not to physically move yourself only to keep working. If you think you might have the urge to keep working while on vacation, you could look into resorts and villa rentals that offer or are near several activities that you can keep yourself busy with, and then leave your devices behind! When you think about luxury villas for rent, why would you want to spend all that money you’ve earned on what would boil down to a change of scenery for work? Live it up! Get every penny’s worth, because you worked hard for it! You deserve a real vacation, not just work with a nice view.

Give the American dream real meaning again. Work hard, but more importantly, live well. Let your work have meaning, and rediscover your passions. And allow yourself to truly escape when you get away.