Cabo san lucas villa rentals

Things have been very different for the last 12 months. Almost one year ago you moved your oldest daughter 12 hours away to college. The school is a perfect fit. Perfect size. Perfect academic match. Perfect place for her to continue her gymnastics career. The only thing that is not perfect is the distance of the school from home. A 12 hour drive or nearly five hours of flying. Located nearly three hours from any airport that has the direct flights necessary, even a flight to visit her or to bring her home takes time. A parent has to do what has to be done and if sending your daughter 12 hours away helps her reach both her academic and athletic goals you will oblige.
The plans for a long summer vacation, however, started almost as soon as she was moved into her dorm room. With another daughter who was starting her freshman year in high school it was difficult to determine who had the busier schedule–your daughter in college and the three of you at home trying to stay caught up with the busy schedule of a high school band, choir, and orchestra student. winter break when your older daughter was home for a week was fun, but it was very hectic. She had friends from high school whom she wanted to see. She also had a list of family relatives who were on the list of people who stopped by for a visit.
After the craziness of that winter break visit you were even more certain that the family vacation to a beach resort was just what everyone needed to reconnect and relax. After looking at a number of vacation rentals, you finally decided on one of the luxury villas that came with meals prepared in house by a local chef and a very short walk to the beach.
Vacation Rentals Allow Families to Reconnect and Enjoy Beautiful Locations
Small hotel rooms work for short weekends in the city. They are not always ideal, however, for long family vacation rentals. All inclusive vacation resorts make stays even more enjoyable and relaxing. Whether you decide on seaside villas for rent or select a more remote location, families can enjoy the sites and enjoy each other’s company as well.
With hectic work, school, volunteer, and activity schedules, few families have the chance to relax when they are at home. A whole family vacation, however, gives parents a chance to be away from their responsibilities and enjoy time with their children.
Unfortunately, 75% of employees with paid time off did not take all of their vacation time in 2013, according to the employment site Glassdoor. Instead of letting vacation days go to waste, the other 25% of families make sure that they use these valuable days away from the office to rest and relax. Some use these days for family vacations that let fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters enjoy each others company. Whether it is near a beach or a mountain full of hiking trails, some of the best trips happen at vacation rentals that allow family members to enjoy plenty of space, home cooked meals, and beautiful sites.