Beach condo rentals

Are you planning a beach vacation with your family or friends? A lot of people are. It is a very common destination for American vacationers. Nearly 45% of all people who say they are going to take a vacation this summer list the beach as their preferred destination. The next most popular destination is going to a new city (42%), visiting a national park (21%) and then going to a lake (17%). When people travel, they are often looking for budget conscious ways to do it. When given the opportunity, many people will go for beach condo rentals are selected rather than book a room in a hotel.

Nearly half of all people asked said that they would like to look at beach condo rentals. Forty-seven percent of travelers say they would like to look at vacation rentals instead of booking a hotel stay. At least 23% say they would rather rent beach condos when taking a beach vacation rather than stay in an expensive hotel.

  • You get more for your money. Nearly 94% of people who go for beach condo rentals say they do it because they get more for their money and you do. If you are traveling with a large group of people, you are going to spend a lot less if you rent a condo than if you get a slate of hotel rooms. You know what you get with a single hotel room. You get beds and a bathroom. You get so much more when you rent a condo.
  • You have more privacy. Oceanfront condos give you so much more privacy than any hotel can. In the first place, when you come and go from a hotel, you have to go through the lobby. Even if you have the best suite that gives you privacy, people are around when you come and go. You may not mind that but sometimes it is nice to not have to deal with that. In the second place, you have people really close to you on either side of your room. You can hear everything they do and they can hear what you are doing. When you go for beach condo rentals, you have more space between your party and your neighbors. Approximately 90% of people who rent vacation condos say it is because they have more privacy.
  • You save money on dining out. When you go for one of the beach condo rentals, you have a full kitchen. Nearly 87% of people who rent condos say this is the reason they do it, they like having a kitchen.. That means you can buy food for the time you are there and make some of your meals in the condo vs. eating out for everything. This can also provide family time for you to gave relaxing dinners or breakfasts away from other tourists. Your meals will be healthier, too.
  • Your group can spread out. In a hotel, you have one room and one bathroom. There is not a lot of space for your family and friends to have their own space. You have a lot more room in beach condo rentals. Even if people are sharing bedrooms, they can get the sense that they have their own space to relax in. This makes the trip a lot more fun. Instead of just having a bedroom, you have living room space for people to relax in, dining room space and the beach feels lot more accessible when you do not have to traipse through a hotel lobby to get to it.
  • You get the amenities of home. You have had a long and fun day on the beach, now what? How about a movie with the family? You can do that. You have kids and their clothes are filthy, what can you do? Most beach condo rentals have laundry facilities. That means you do not have to bring as much stuff with you. Most beach condo rentals have all the amenities of home.

Beach vacations are a lot of fun. Few things are as relaxing as just watching the ocean from the beach. Get the most of your beach vacation by renting an oceanfront condo.