Camping in pa

It used to be that campgrounds would be empty and deserted after Labor Day, but that is changing. Early fall camping trips offer a different experience from the summer, and more and more people are choosing to take a weekend off to go on family camping trips in the fall. The woods are spectacular, the air is bracing, and the weather is great for hiking. Many camp resorts also organize fall activities for campers, like hayrides, pumpkin carving, fishing derbies and apple picking.

Camping in the fall is a unique experience
In the year 2013 alone, 40 million Americans went camping. That’s 14% of the total population of the U.S. over the age of six. An increasing number of people are choosing to go on early fall camping trips, and campgrounds are changing their schedules to fit their needs and interests. Most campers – actually 87% of them – participate in various outdoor activities when they go camping. The weather in the fall is actually more comfortable for activities like hiking or bicycling.
Camp resorts organize fall activities for campers, or you can find your own. The harvest seasons is a great time to get away. The woods are bright with fall colors and it’s a great time to watch the wildlife. You have to remember that the bears are preparing for their winter sleep. This means they are actively searching for food, and devising ever more ingenious ways to raid your food supply. So remember to bring a bear-proof box for your food, and enjoy their antics.

A season of plenty in the country
Fall is a time to savor the simple pleasures – the crisp air and clear skies of a fall day, the smell of woodsmoke and the taste of hot chocolate in the evening, watching the mist rise off the water at lakeside campgrounds. It’s a time of plenty and celebration.
In the country, fall is the time to celebrate the bounty of nature and to stock up before winter sets in. This is the time for harvest fairs, Halloween scares, apple cider and hearty meals. In fact fall is the best time for those one-pot dinners that campers love, like pot roast with fall vegetables.

Cabins are a good choice for families
Family campgrounds offer camping amenities like tent camping sites or cabins. Cabins are a good choice for early fall camping trips, giving you a taste of life in a log cabin. Without, it must be said, all the hardship. Many cabin rentals come with furnishings and kitchenettes, making them especially suitable for families with kids.
People go camping for some very good and basic reasons. They love the whole camping experience – that is the biggest motivation for people going on a camping trip. People love to spend time with their families and friends, and camping is one of the best ways to hang out with people who matter to you.

Each camping trip creates unforgettable memories. Early fall camping trips add to these the special touches of the season. Like most people, once you’ve got the camping bug, you have to keep going back. Every time brings back old memories and every time is different. And when you sit by your campfire and watch the big golden harvest moon rising, you’ll be glad you went.