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The summer is quickly coming to an end. Children are going back to school and starting up their extracurricular activities. Parents are preparing for a busy fall and school year. These last few weeks may be the last chance to squeeze in a family vacation. Most families are unable to find enough time for a vacation until the next summer. Many destinations offer great last minute summer vacation deals, making the vacation affordable. The sun is still shining and although the busyness of the school year has begun, the weather still feels like summer. It is a great time to fit in a last minute vacation.

Travelers have gradually begun moving away from hotel stays. More and more travelers are choosing vacation rentals or condo rentals. A condo rental offers many advantages over hotel and resort stays. The advantages of renting a condo include more privacy, more security and more comfort. Travelers and families tend to feel more relaxed when they choose to stay in a vacation rental. Today, 22% of leisure travelers have stayed in a vacation home rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort during the past two years, and 24% have stayed in a condominium resort. Once people stay in a vacation rental or a condo resort, they tend to continue staying in these types of accommodations.
One of the most enticing reasons for a condo rental is the price. 62% of respondents said they would stay in a vacation rental because they have cheaper rates than hotels.

Additionally, travelers feel like they have more value in vacation rentals for the price. In a hotel, they are often provided with a small bathroom with minimum amenities and a common sleeping area. This is not ideal for larger families, who may be forced to rent multiple hotel rooms. When they choose a condo rental, they are often provided with multiple bedrooms, common family living rooms, a kitchen, multiple bathrooms and possibly even outdoor entertainment space.

Condos for rent may also provide families and other travelers with more privacy. In a hotel room, you may hear your neighbors through the walls. You probably hear when the neighboring shower or sink turns on. If they turn the TV volume up too loud, you probably can hear the sounds very well. Those travelers who are traveling for work may not have appropriate space for their work needs. This is important for many travelers. 61% of survey participants said that while they are on vacation, they continue to work. Condo rentals and other vacation homes may have separate offices for work purposes. If they do not, they likely have enough space for a makeshift office.

Condo rentals also provide families with more comfort. Hotel rooms are often very generic. They do not offer any additional comfort and all of the rooms look the same. Homes are generally decorated, each room with different looks. The home provides more relaxing and entertaining spaces and common family rooms can make it feel like home. Families with multiple children may want separate spaces for children, which is not always possible in hotel rooms.

Last minute lodging is possible, even with condo rentals. In fact, travelers may find good deals on homes that were unable to rent. Hotels may not discount their rooms when they are not booked. Homes, however, are still responsible for the mortgage payment of the home. Travelers are more likely to find discounts on last minute trips.

If you are wondering how to choose the right vacation rental for you and your family, you should look at your options. Condo rentals and vacation homes provide many benefits to those traveling with families or those traveling for work purposes. Condo rentals offer more privacy, comfort and space. If these things are important to you in a vacation rental, you may find that renting a condo is more ideal for your trip.