Campgrounds in colorado

Choosing the best family camping vacation spots is a delicate enterprise. A lot of people mistakenly think that they have to camp the way their parents camped, or the way the people on TV camp. In fact, the camping community has exploded into millions of campers per year who camp repeatedly in different fashions, from campgrounds to luxury camp resorts. Below are just a few of your options when searching for the best family camping vacation spots out there:
1. Tent camping spaces
Tent camping is the tried and true traditionalist method. We always say that when searching for tent sites for camping, start with the tent and work your way out. Is your tent built for rustic backpacking or is it more of a backyard tent? What’s its heat certification? Is it water proof, or water resistant? Once you understand your tent, you can better narrow down your tent site options to ensure safety and comfort for the whole family.
2. Camp grounds
Most people prefer to camp in camp grounds because they afford all the wild rustic beauty of nature and all the safety of a well-established parks and recreation program (without the fire extinguishers on the trees). When searching for camp grounds, we believe that location is key and that maps of the area should be acquired before making the plunge into the middle of the forest. But paper maps, no relying on Google — you probably won’t get any reception!
3. Cabin camping
Cabins are great safe options for families of young children especially who want everything nature has to offer…behind four walls and a locked door. Cabin camping is also a great way to teach your children about the olden times when settlers had to build their own cabin homes. You could really make a game out of cabin camping.

4. Camp resorts
Of course, if you’re really looking to go all out with the family camping vacation spots and have a little extra money to spare, you need look no further than camp resorts. Often camp resorts have a more structured itinerary with set activities or themes. The classic example, for instance, is a dude ranch, or an overnight renaissance faire. Our only caveat with these is that you thoroughly vet them for reputation and safety. The downside to letting someone else plan your fun time is that they might plan badly or cut corners.

5. Featuring the geographic feature
Lots of people we spoke to didn’t really care what form their camping digs took, so long as wherever they lay their head was by a mountain, or a lake, or a river, or some caves. This is for sure one way to search for the best family camping vacation spots, and will go a long way in narrowing down your list quickly. Just do yourself a favor and keep an open mind when you begin. There may be hidden gem nature off the beaten path that never would’ve crossed your mind, even if you live in a place like New Jersey.