Vacation condo rentals

When you consider that more than three out of every four trips are taken for leisure purposes rather than business reasons, it’s no wonder that many people would rather stay in beach condo rentals or other types of vacation rentals. When you are traveling with companions such as your kids or relatives, it can make a lot more sense to stay in a vacation rental. There are many advantages to staying in a condo or house over a hotel.

One of the biggest advantages of staying in beach condo rentals is price. If you are just staying a night or two, then beach condos don’t make a lot of sense, which is why they wouldn’t make a lot of sense for a business traveler. But when your trip is a week or more, then beach condo rentals often are cheaper, especially when you consider that the average hotel room costs $120 a night. Vacation rentals also make a lot more sense price-wise when you are vacationing with extended family. If you are with your parents and/or siblings, you are going to need multiple hotel rooms, which can get very pricey. But if you get a big enough condo rental, you all may be able to stay in the same place.

Another big advantage to vacation condo rentals is privacy. When you are in a hotel, you are in close quarters with strangers, and you have hotel staff coming into your room on a daily basis. That’s not the case when you rent beach condos. You get your own space, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, allowing you and your guests to have the kind of privacy that you just can’t get in a hotel room.

Convenience is also a benefit when it comes to beach condo rentals. Being able to cook your own food instead of having to eat in restaurants all the time is a big plus. And having personal amenities such as your own pool can also be a major plus. That’s something that you don’t find in hotels.

Overall, there are a number of benefits to staying in condo as opposed to a hotel, which is why a quarter or all vacationers have done so at some point in their lives.