Charter plane services

For business travelers who fly frequently, charter jet services are the solution to all the hassles associated with flying on commercial airlines: crowded airports, fighting through heavy traffic to reach the airport, cramped seats, the long layovers. Private jet charters can circumvent all of these problems, delivering you to your destination well rested and refreshed, instead of tired and disoriented.
With access to hundreds of airports that commercial flights don’t serve, and schedules that are built around your convenience, private charter jets offer unbeatable advantages. When you want to arrive in top condition for that important business meeting or presentation, private aircraft charter can get you there in style and comfort.

Air charter services are safe and convenient
There are more than 2,100 charter jet companies operating nationwide. Charter jet services are an extremely safe and convenient way to travel. All charter operators hold Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as Operations Specifications which give company names, authorizations and limitations.
Charter aircraft services can access a hundred times more public use airports than commercial airlines can. With more than 5,000 destinations across the country, charter jet services can get you closest to your exact destination. They reach places that commercial airlines don’t, and about half or 47% of business charter flights land at airports with infrequent or no scheduled airline service, while another 33% of air charter flights land at secondary airports.

The return of comfortable air travel
The most popular private jet model used in the U.S. is the Cessna Citation Excel, also called the Citation XLS and XLS+. This is a medium-sized business jet with a transcontinental range, and flew 144,302 flights in 2012. Private charters offer scheduling convenience as well as on board comfort.
For people flying commercial airlines, the words “comfort” and “air travel” couldn’t be further apart. Charter jet services, with their excellent customer services, take air travel to new levels of comfort. With spacious seats that can be reclined, on board food and drinks and even conference facilities, they offer passengers a chance to relax or to catch up in their work.

Work productivity improves on charter flights
On commercial flights, being able to work productively is something of a pipe dream. But business travelers flying on company aircraft report that their productivity actually increases by 20% when they are on board the aircraft, compared to working in the office. By contrast, business travelers flying commercial airlines report a 40% drop in productivity. Not really surprising, given the close, cramped quarters offered by seating on commercial airlines.
Travelers on company aircraft divide their time between meetings with colleagues, working on individuals tasks, and relaxing or reading. Business travelers report that on average they have made 15 business trips in the past six months, some of which involved air travel. With improved work productivity on board and on arrival, charter jet services are the ideal solution for the business traveler.

Some charter jet services offer one-way pricing which can mean significant savings for flyers. With the comfort and convenience offered by private jet charters, it may be time for you to reward yourself and your business associates with the gift of comfortable air travel.