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Are you looking for a sweet getaway for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary? Cabin rentals and cottage rentals can be a wonderfully romantic gesture for such an occasion. Think about a mountain resort or a lake resort, with a picturesque cabin rental to hole up in for a week — or even just a weekend, if you’re making it short and sweet! released their “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey in 2016, which showed that almost 40% of men and almost 35% of women said that the best vacations were romantic getaways. Cabin rentals can offer a more personal experience than what you might get at a hotel and can also come at more affordable prices. If you’re looking at getaway options, don’t discount a cottage or cabin to sweep your loved one off their feet.

What Should I Consider When Looking at Vacation Rentals Generally?
If you’re not staying in a hotel chain like Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels, or Radisson, you’ll definitely want to read reviews before booking. Cabin rentals or cottage rentals might be more privately owned and not subject to the rules that hotels that belong to a chain are required to follow.

It’s also not a bad idea to see if there are any irritants around your vacation rental — satellite maps can be very helpful for this. Pictures might make it seem perfectly idyllic, but a noisy pub next door or too close neighbors might not be featured. Be aware of any extra fees like security deposits or cleaning charges as well, when calculating how the rental fits into your budget.

Making sure you know how far away public transportation is — or whether you can park easily — is also important for your convenience. You don’t want to end up facing a fifteen minute walk home from the train or the bus or getting to your rental and realizing there’s nowhere to park. And lastly, make sure it has all the amenities you require, such as a good Internet connection.

Why Choose a Cabin Rental?

Cabin rentals tend to be a beautiful, yet affordable option that offer a good amount of space for the amount of money you spend. It’s a bit more personal than staying in a hotel room — you’ll have not just a bedroom and a bathroom, but also a kitchen and most likely a living room as well. The kitchen can be a great features, as you can cook your own meals and bring food or buy food from the grocery store, which is much more cost effective than eating out for every meal. And making a meal together is nothing short of romantic!

Cabin rentals are also often found in scenic areas, so you may get a chance to really appreciate the beauty of nature around you. Spending a day enjoying the views or having a lazy day on the porch can be a great way to unwind and let go of your stress. And, cabin rentals are flexible. Whether you’re going for a couple’s getaway or planning to go with a bunch of friends, you can find a cabin large or small enough to fit your needs.

What Can I Expect From Cabin Rentals?
If you’re choosing a more rustic cabin, you’ll probably need to bring some of your own things, like linens and towels, cookware, and toiletries. However, some cabins are more luxurious, providing such amenities like air conditioning, heat, a fully stocked kitchen, and Wi-Fi. Figure out what you’re looking for before you go and book accordingly.

It’s likely that your cabin rental will be a bit more rural, so pack smart. Temperatures are prone to fall at night even during summer months, so packing things you can layer and practical shoes are always advised. Having a few flashlights on hand — and not just the ones from your phones — is also a good idea.

Enjoy a gorgeous getaway when you consider renting a cabin for your trip. It can be a refreshing change from staying in a hotel and offer you advantages you hadn’t even thought of!