Window shades are an effective way of decorating your house and also enhance your privacy. They come in various types. The Roman shades come in different patterns and colors and add elegance to your house. However, they get mildew when put in moist areas and are therefore preferred in rooms with little moisture.

The roller shades roll up to the window top, which means one can moderate the amount of light let into the house easily and are more pocket friendly compared to Roman shades.

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Solar shades are effective for offices because they reduce glare and protect from UV rays. Computers can be effectively used in a room with these shades. However, they do not offer privacy in the room at night as people see the interior of the house. For a home with kids and pets, cellular shades are preferred. They are made of two fabrics with air pockets, making them energy efficient. They come with a blackout lining just in case you want your house to remain dark during the day.

Whatever your needs are, you can give your home custom window shades that suit your needs. You can give character to every room and make it more suitable for its intended use.