Buying a condo in Miami is so exciting. The idyllic lock-up-and-go lifestyle, the long walks on the beach appeal to many people when they start that new phase in their life where their nest is empty and the work is done, and they look forward to long, sunny, relaxing days. Of course, there is the choice to purchase a brand spanking new condo with all the fixtures new and shiny. But a more exciting route is to purchase a fixer-upper. This way, you can renovate and make everything fit the way you like it, make it your own. Renovating and upgrading your condo seems like a more satisfying option than just moving into the latest design that may lack a few personal details that you can add when you are upgrading that dated one.

Upgrading an older condo into a reflection of you need not be overwhelming. By learning about the best upgrades for your condo, you can plan your renovation to ensure all the upgrades you make will fit your budget and bring more value to your property.

Install Air Conditioning

One of the best upgrades for your condo is installing air conditioning. Even though condominiums have a different structure than typical, freestanding houses, they still have the same needs for cooling and heating to keep you comfortable in both winter and summer.

You may need to take a different approach to your air conditioning installation to ensure that your condo association and neighbors are not annoyed. To comply with all regulations, you may need to choose one of the window units of a suitable size to match the square footage of your condo. However, if you are planning to do a major renovation where you will move some walls, you may be able to fit in some ductwork and install a proper HVAC system in the condo. Talk to a reputable air conditioning contractor in your area to help you choose the perfect air conditioning installation.

Invest in Window Treatments

They say that windows are the soul of the living area. Upgrading the window treatments can instantaneously transform your drab condo into a modern oasis. That is why updating window treatments can be classified as one of the best upgrades for your condo. It is also one of the more affordable things you can change.

Many condos have ceiling to floor windows that may be challenging to dress. Still, there are attractive options available for you to choose from.

If you like the classic style, then perhaps vertical blinds will be the way to go. Vertical blinds give you that perfect classic look that fits into a minimalist style. The extensive coverage vertical blinds provide is perfect for covering big windows.

Of course, that is not your only option. If you prefer something more elegant, you can’t go wrong with sheer drapes. Using a sheer material to construct your draperies is a perfect choice for a condo window treatment because they are soft, lightweight, and beautiful. They also filter through enough light to keep the interior from getting too dark.

The third option you can consider is installing the roller blinds for that traditional, classic feel to your new condo. This type of blinds is economical and practical as they are available in both filtering and block-out material to match the varied requirements of condo living.

Look Into New Roofing

Replacing a damaged roof in your condominium block is one of the best upgrades for a condo because a new, solid roof will add so much value to your new property. Luckily, replacing a whole roof out of your own pocket will not be a problem when you purchase a condominium. The condominium association will be responsible for any roof replacement. Having said that, when you are buying into a condominium building, it is worth checking the state of the building’s roof. If the roof looks old and perhaps patchy, it will leak when the rain comes. Of course, if the condominium association agrees, the roof will need to be replaced.

If you are going to replace an old roof, perhaps using metal roofing material may be a good choice as it is the fastest-growing segment in the building industry right now and provides lasting value. Other roofs can deteriorate and lose their value within a couple of years, while a metal roof will last for up to 50 years and look good for all that time.

Metal roofing expects to last for around fifty years or even more if it is refinished. The material comes in beautiful styles to match any neighborhood. The roof is made of interlocking panels, making it resistant to strong winds and fire. The reflective surface of the metal keeps the interior of the home cooler, so it is an energy-efficient cover. The metal roofing sheets are lightweight, which means they can be laid over an existing roof and save on the costs of removing and disposing of the old roof covering.

Research Water Softeners

If the condo complex you are purchasing in does not have a water softener system installed, you may want to install it in your unit, as this will definitely raise the resale value of your property. Therefore, adding a water softener system may be considered as one of the best upgrades to your condo.

Since Miami is in South Florida, checking the quality of water supply to your condo can become a priority to ensure that you are not stuck with hard water coming out of your taps. Hard water can cause many problems that make life difficult, from clogging up the pipes, damaging appliances, corroding bathroom fixtures, and drying out your skin. Installing a water softening system in your unit will remove enough magnesium and calcium from the water to make it ready to drink and kinder to the appliances.

The water softener system is an indoor water treating unit connected to the main water inlet. The water is passed through a purifying tank to break down the mineral content and creates soft, clean freshwater you can use by opening the tap.

If you are not sure if your condo has hard or soft water, look around for indications of hard water. After you clean your bathroom, there is a thin white film on the shower doors, taps, and any chrome metal fixtures in the bathroom, like towel hangers. You may find that your washing machine and dishwasher develop stains and bad smells. You find your skin and hair is drier after showering. When you try to drink the water straight out of the tap, there is an unpleasant after-taste in your mouth. All these signs point that you should consider installing a water softener system in your condo.

Invest in a Gas Line

If your condo does not have a gas line installed, be prepared to overcome obstacles to have one installed. Since condo complexes are owned and managed by a group of people, you will need to obtain everyone’s consent to connect the building to a central gas pipeline. Whether you want to use it to heat your space, cook, or run an HVAC system on it, gas line installation in your condo has many important benefits. That is why you may consider adding a gas line as one of the best upgrades to your condo.

If you ever want to resell the property, the new buyers will be grateful for having gas as it is a far efficient way to heat water, heat the apartment, and cook your meals. Also, there is nothing better than relaxing in the evening in front of a beautiful gas fireplace (Especially as there is no cleaning of ash afterward).

Update Your Siding

A sad-looking siding will not be pleasant to look at, and the rot it harbors underneath can become a health hazard; therefore, replacing damaged and old siding is one of the best upgrades to your condo. There are many options of material you can choose from when making a decision to replace the siding on the condo building.

There is the cedar siding option. Made from natural wood, it is rich in grain, texture, and color, making it a great choice to transform your building into that natural beauty. The wood is treated to make it resistant to moisture and insect damage making it a great choice of siding. It is also an environmentally-friendly choice as cedar wood used in siding production comes from a renewable source.

The other material that makes an outstanding siding is steel or aluminum. These come in many colors and styles and need minimal maintenance. As metal is a durable substance, the steel or aluminum siding will last at least 20 years before it needs replacing. The steel is more resistant to dents than aluminum and can be washed with a pressure washer. Obviously, both types of siding are waterproof, fireproof, and will not rot.

The siding material with the most practical benefits is vinyl siding. This material is available in an endless variety of styles and often can look like a natural material like wood, stone, or slate. Vinyl siding requires virtually no maintenance and never needs painting.

Repair the Driveway

A driveway is the first thing everyone notices when they look at a property. It is important that your driveway looks as good as the newly renovated interior of your condo. Suppose your driveway is a part of the common property. In that case, it may be up to the condo association to repair and resurface, but if a piece of a driveway leads directly to your unit that other residents do not use, it may be up to you to ensure that it is properly maintained.

If you have added resurfacing your driveway to your condo renovation list, you will be glad to know that paved driveways are in style at the moment. They have a minimal ground imprint, and the grass growing between the pavers creates a natural feel to your home. To install pavers as a replacement surface for your driveway, contact the paving contractor in your area for a quote.

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and often is the place that increases the value of your condo if it has that sleek, modern look and boasts up-to-date appliances. The kitchen is the space that can be remodeled easily into a sophisticated, timeless masterpiece.
The best place to start updating your kitchen is to install wooden cabinets. Sometimes it is enough just to change the outside cabinet doors to give your kitchen a brand new, cosmopolitan look.

One of the best improvements to transform your kitchen from drab to fab is to add a new backsplash. It is the focal point of any kitchen, and using the right colors will give your kitchen that perfect look you may not want to change for at least ten years.
Make sure that whatever you decide to change in your kitchen renovation, keep the improvements simple to achieve that modern, functional look everyone loves. It will definitely not go out of fashion.

Refresh Your Landscape

If the condo unit has an outdoor space, you will want to ensure it looks its best and reflects all the time and effort you put into renovating the rest of your living space. To make the outside garden look its best, you may want to call in the landscaping services to design the perfect oasis where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Miami does get pretty warm in summer, so if your outside space has any trees, you will enjoy sipping your cocktails in the shade. However, you may find that the existing trees are in the way of other renovations and may need to be removed. The stumps left behind after cutting down the trees will need to be removed by the stump removal company.

However, if you need to remove any existing trees, try replanting them with others in a more suitable position.