Private jet charters

Everyone knows that flying has become more of a chore than a pleasure these days. Crowded airports, long lines at check-in and security posts have frustrated even the most experienced flyers. Vacationers who might fly once a year or so always seem to come away with stories of how much they loved their vacations except for the flying part. If you fly often for business or even just occasionally for pleasure, it just might be time to consider a jet charter service.

A jet charter service
in the United States can bring its passengers into and out of over 5,000 public use airports, which is 100 times more than that of airlines. This safe mode of transportation can get you to your destination faster than flying commercially, and you can do it in style.

Every day, over 8 million people fly to destinations all over the world. If you’ve been one of them recently, then you know how uncomfortable it can be, especially if the trip is a long one. Passengers do everything they can to get seats that are more comfortable. Some will spring for the first class option if there is one, and others will do what they can to position themselves for personal comfort. According to a recent poll conducted by Expedia, 21% of passengers booked window seats, while 20% of customers chose to sit on the aisle. According to Trip Advisor’s poll, 30% of those who answered said that of all the improvements airlines could make, more comfortable seating would be the greatest. What if you could get the comfort you desire while getting to your destination more quickly and easily, with no worries about luggage, snoring strangers or crying babies (unless they’re your own, of course!)? Aircraft charter services have been a solution for many over the years. Now they can be the solution for you.

If you fly for work, charter aircraft services can help make you trip a productive one. According to surveys, passengers onboard company-operated planes spend about 36% of their time meeting with colleagues, 30% of the time with individual work tasks and the remaining time relaxing, sleeping or doing other non-work related activities. These are things you can do with a jet charter service. Try doing any of those activities on a commercial flight and see how well you succeed.

Private charter jets
are not as expensive as they once were. These days, jet charter service can be an affordable part of any type of travel. If you’re a business traveler, it might interest you to know that respondents to a recent survey said that they were 20% more productive on a private airplane charter while business people who flew commercially rated themselves as having a 40% drop in productivity.

When you look at the state of aviation today, it seems very clear that making use of a jet charter service would not only be more comfortable but could increase your overall productivity. Sometimes getting more done is what a business trip is all about. Whether you’re looking for a chance to grab a few more minutes of meeting time, a chance to catch up on some reading or maybe a few extra hours of shut-eye, a jet charter service might make more sense than you thought.