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The world is stressful. There is no way around that. Sometimes, everyone needs to relax and get away for a few days. The plugged-in society we live in now is making us even more stressed out because of the little electronic screens in front of our faces almost 24 hours a day. Believe it or not, there actually are things that you can do to get away from all that and relax a little bit. Some of you may have never heard of this, but if you have, you know how great it really is. It’s called “going outside”, and it can change your life.

Going outside is actually much easier than it may seem. Literally all you have to do is go outside. To enjoy all the effects of this retro phenomenon, however, it’s best to go outside and actually be present and not stare at a cell phone or press your face against a window so you can see the television. It might take a while to work up to it, but an activity like camping can really break you out of your technological shell.

Every year more than 40 million people in the U.S. go camping at least once. The more experienced camper averages about five camping trips a year, and they travel an average of 190 miles away from their homes. That’s 190 miles away from most of your distraction devices and if you do it right, 190 miles away from all your stresses. Whether you’re camping in a cabin or RV, in a tent like 86% of all campers, or roughing it in the wilderness with nothing; if you give yourself some technology-free vacation time, it will be worth it.

If you’re really hurting for some relaxation, maybe a camping trip by yourself is in order. That can be very relaxing and you might even experience one of those spiritual epiphanies we’ve seen in the movies. It might be advisable to avoid any family vacation campgrounds while you’re on your outdoor getaway. Not saying that your family is causing your stress, because that never happens, but camping around other families could drive you insane.

If it is feasible to organize a camping trip with a group of friends, do that. That could be the exact kind of break from life’s stresses you need. Renting an RV and spending around a week with your pals could end up being the best trip of your entire life. On average, campers in RVs have the longest camping trips with 28% spending more than five nights RV camping. Imagine it, you and all your friends sitting around a campfire, someone is jamming out on an acoustic guitar, while you’re all talking about how cool Joe Walsh is and reminiscing on “the good times.” There is nothing better.

If you don’t want a camping trip by yourself and you hate all your friends, don’t worry, family vacations are still an amazing time if done correctly. American families love camping, family vacation campgrounds are still the most popular choice for people, spending about 540 million days camping each year. Ghost stories with the kids, watching your husband not catch any fish, and eating s’mores around a campfire is a great way so spend some stress-free quality time with the family. A trip to some family vacation campgrounds can be just what your family needs!

It might seem impossible for you to step away from the screens and the calls and the meetings, but it is very doable. If you end up taking a huge RV to well-known family vacation campgrounds, or just doing some tent camping in backyards for a day, getting away for a little while may be just what you need. Put down the phone and enjoy the outdoors!