Investigators are probing the reason of early-morning fire that took life of three family members. It is said that this incident took like of veteran Miami-Dade County transit worker, Katrena Williams and her two children- incent Williams Jr. and Makayla Williams.

Vincent Williams Sr. said to the media reporters that “you don’t know how fast your heart throb when you get a call during your working hours that your family is gone”. Actually, William is also a 15-year Miami-Dade transit worker. When he was performing his midnight duties, the fire engulfed his residence leaving his all family members to death.

Investigators have said that the deceased family members had died due to smoke. Jimmy Bou Nassar spokesman for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said to a private news channel that “fire was not the issue of their death rather they were died of smoke inhalation”.

The flames of fire were really intense. Neighbors said to media reporters that “they had tried to enter in the apartment but the smoke stopped them”. Arlene said that “my mom was crying and we are speechless to see the whole scenario”.  Another neighbor said that “we were literally trembling to see them burning, it was really awful”.

On other hand, Oliver said to local media reporters that “William has lost his house, family, children and everything he worked for”. Everyone is crying for the family of William.  Lastly, a building maintenance worker, Anthony Colden said that “we have recently checked condos for smoke detectors and do not understand the cause of fire”.