Long term corporate housing

You have just landed the job of your dreams. One problem; three weeks out of the month, you are on the road and staying away from home. How do you bring all of the amenities of home when you are on the road? Check out premier corporate housing and bring a little piece of home on the road.

Short term rentals
come in a variety of sizes, whether it is full-size condos or townhouses. Some corporate housing rentals can be small apartments, so make sure to arrange a deal with your company where you avoid studio apartments. The corporate housing industry has been a significant growth segment of the lodging industry for the past 20 years. Corporate housing is the rental of a furnished apartment, condo or house on a temporary basis to individuals, military personnel or corporations as an alternative to a traditional hotel or an extended hotel stay. Corporate apartments are clean, furnished and roomy, offering more space and flexibility than most hotels.

Short term corporate housing brings you all of the amenities of home, while on the road. High quality furniture and linens, as well as full-size kitchens including all the necessary housewares, are included with corporate apartments. One of the benefits of corporate housing is that the apartments offer a more home-like atmosphere than you’ll find in a hotel. Corporate housing can give you amenities like a workout center and access to the best restaurants and local entertainment. Most corporate housing units feature a complete kitchen, and have separate dining, living, and sleeping areas.

So what kind of people can take advantage of short term corporate housing? Corporate housing is ideal for employees who are attending long-term training sessions in a distant city. Corporate housing can exceed the expectations of the most discerning executive. The best temporary housing will allow you to have different types of housing options. Even if you want a small apartment, a premier corporate housing can offer you the space you are looking for.

Premier corporate housing is perfect for executives or any business professional on the road for long periods of time. Corporate housing gives you all of the amenities of home, whether it is a kitchen or even space for your pets. Check out premier corporate housing and enjoy your time on the road. More on this.