Replacement polarized lenses

Replacing sunglass lenses that pop in and out is pretty easy. You just need to need to get some sunglass lens replacements, heat up the frames with warm water to make them more malleable, and gently–but firmly–pop the lenses back.

But what if you had to replace sunglass lenses in frames that had screw-in lenses? Thankfully, it’s not too difficult, but it is a little bit more tricky to replace lenses in sunglasses that have screws. Here’s a quick little tutorial to help you out.

Get What You Need.

Besides those sunglass replacement lenses, you’re gonna need to get a repair kit. These are usually pretty cheap and readily available. Just check the nearest drugstore for them. They don’t cost more than a couple bucks, usually. Make sure you buy a kit that has extra screws and small screwdrivers.


Now that you’re to start replacing sunglass lenses, remove the frame’s screws so that you can take the old lenses out. You don’t have to worry about taken them all out–just the ones that hold the lenses in. If you look carefully, you can quickly figure out which screws go with the bars and which go with the eyepieces. Make sure you put the screws you take out on a piece of clean cloth so that they won’t roll away.

Put the New Lenses In.

Now that you’ve got the old lenses out, it’s time to actually start replacing sunglass lenses. Put a new lens in and replace the screws. Bear in mind that it’s easiest to do them one at a time. If you try to do both you’ll only get unnecessarily frustrated.

Once you’re done replacing sunglass lenses, be sure to clean and wipe them off, since you likely smudged them up a bit. If you have any questions about replacing sunglass lenses, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue your research here: Ray ban wayfarer replacement lenses