Ray ban polarized sunglasses

There are probably few more annoying things than damaging your favorite pair of sunglasses, and it’s pretty easy to do. We’ve all had the problem of needing to know how to fix sunglasses. All it takes is one misplaced step, that one time you leave them sitting in the driver’s seat, or putting them in the same pocket as your keys to break or scratch your most beloved pair of sunglasses.

Whether they’re a fashion statement, a safety precaution, or favorite summertime accessory, we rely on our sunglasses more than we probably realize until they’re scratched, lost, or broken. We’ve all had a pair of sunglasses stepped on, sat on,or lost; probably about every 14 seconds a pair of sunglasses suffers one of these unfortunate fates. And it’s a serious bummer.

We’ve all wanted to know how to fix sunglasses because it seems that it’s always the expensive and trendy Ray Ban’s or Oakley’s that break or end up with scratched lenses (the best-selling sunglasses of all time are Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses). Rather than throwing them (and essentially your money)in the trash, you should look for sunglass lens replacement.

Knowing how to fix sunglasses or getting replacement lenses will not only save you money but help you stay protected from the sun’s sometimes harmful rays. Sunglass lenses that are polarized can offer protection from UV rays, which can not only cause discomfort and damage to the retina but can cause cancer of the thin skin around the eye.

The point is we need our sunglasses, we love our sunglasses, and the problem of how to fix broken sunglasses calls for pretty simple solutions.

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