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You’ve built your own dock — now what? If you have your own traditional or floating dock, you know just how many components you need for it to be safe, secure, and attractive. A dock should be efficient, as well, and provide you with plenty of resources for your comfort and safety. If you’re wondering what kinds of accessories and other essentials you need for you brand new dock, here are some ideas to get your started.

  • Dock boxes A dock box is exactly what it sounds like — typically a large box that can fit on your dock for storing supplies. Dock boxes can also sit on your watercraft, and they can even provide additional seating if they have the right kind of lid. Dock boxes typically store emergency equipment and boating or dock hardware for repairs. However, they can also store fishing and scuba gear and other materials necessary for entertaining on your boat. Make sure to choose a dock box that won’t warp, sag, or fade from sitting in the sun!
  • Dock carts If hauling a dock box back and forth between your dock and your ship is too difficult, you may want to consider purchasing a dock cart instead. Dock carts make loading onto and removing supplies from the watercraft easy. Many dock carts can also collapse and fold for easy storage, and they can travel on sandy beaches.
  • Dock ladders When you’re going between the dock and the watercraft, sometimes it’s necessary to have something to help you get there. A dock ladder is perfect for helping you get in and out of the boat, and you can also use it to climb in and out of the water below. Dock ladders are essential for emergencies, so make sure to keep a ladder at the dock and on your boat, too.
  • Power pedestals Power pedestals, which are lights wired into the dock, are beneficial both aesthetically and for safety. Power pedestals come in a wide range of designs and can add a polished look to any dock. Also, they provide illumination on the dock at night, so you and your passengers can enter and exit your watercraft with ease.

Have questions about what else your dock should contain? Be sure to contact a dock supply company to ask about your options. You can also leave a comment below for any general questions.