A smooth flight looks a little different for everyone. Adhering to all these fluctuating whims is a lesson in the balancing act.

Your flight provides comfortable seating so passengers can nap or read as they please. You make sure their concerns are always heard, even if you can’t attend to the issue immediately. Giving your IFE monitors an upgrade will help immensely with ensuring the comfort of all who give you their patronage. Improved aircraft display systems are fast becoming the biggest concern of airlines today. Access to technology isn’t just a comforting feature…it can make or break a deal entirely.

What do most customers today want out of their in flight experience? Let’s find out.

Times may be expensive, but that doesn’t stop people’s need to travel. Recent airline studies have determined three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes. This lines up neatly with the desire to have accessible technology and regularly updated entertainment. Direct spending on leisure travel by both domestic and international travelers totaled $650 billion back in 2014. Even a minor tweak to your IFE monitor displays can make an average trip that much more memorable.

More than eight million people fly every day. In 2013 total passenger numbers surpassed three billion, the first time this has ever been achieved. Global aircraft interiors have been under even more pressure to adapt to the influx. Customers that don’t feel accommodated, even if the cause is minor, may seek out an alternative option next time they board a flight. According to a collection of eDreams reviews, Emirates was considered to have the best in flight entertainment.

Ongoing studies are gathered to keep up with changing norms. To this day, nearly half of all airline passengers will watch movies to pass the time. Around 20% of passengers prefer to read on their flight, while a little over 15% will rest instead. No matter the preference of the passenger, nearly everyone will need access to technology. According to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 25% of respondents would choose one airline over the other if it offered wi-fi.

It doesn’t just end at wi-fi access. According to the same TripAdvisor Air Travel Survey, nearly 40% of today’s airline passengers view iPad or tablet carry-ons an essential feature. Over 55% will also use their smartphones not just to check email, but review flight status alerts. It’s a combination of safety and comfort that fuels the in flight entertainment industry. Have you been maintaining your IFE repair stations to keep up with demand?

Improving your passenger’s experience is as simple as taking another look at your IFE monitors. They should be providing clear audio video quality, with comfortable headphones and a wide selection of options. In flight entertainment companies can discuss film and show packages to accommodate a wide variety of tastes. They’ll also be looking at your technology to make sure USB ports are compatible with modern devices. Consider attending the Aircraft Interiors Exspo in Hamburg to stay updated on all the newest developments slated to impact the travel industry.

Give all passengers a smooth flight. Review your in flight entertainment systems and make sure they’re up to the task in 2019 and beyond.