The domestic tourism industry in the United States is a big one, and nearly all surveyed American employees agree that it is important to take some time off to “get away from it all.” This means taking a bus, train, or plane to an exotic location far from busy urban life, and the United States boasts plenty of destinations. Many Americans may picture a sunny beach for their vacation, but that’s not the only option. For outdoors enthusiasts, the wild northern state of Alaska has a lot to offer. Alaska is more than a remote ice box; this rugged state has endless expanses of wildlife perfect for helicopter tours, dogsled tours, hiking, hunting, fishing, and more. On top of that, some brides and grooms may opt for an Alaska glacier wedding, an exotic outdoor wedding atop a mountain or at its base. In spring or summer, an Alaska glacier wedding can make for a memorable ceremony.

Exploring the Wilds

Many tourists in Alaska visit to see the cities and museums, but most of all, this vast state offers all sorts of adventure for an outdoors enthusiast. Alaska is only thinly populated, even counting the Native American populations, and an outdoors lover may rent a log cabin out in the wild to get closer to nature. Many tourists to Alaska report in surveys that they greatly enjoyed their trip there, often reporting having had more fun than they expected.

Someone exploring Alaska may fly up there for hunting or fishing. Once a fisher or hunter has all their permits and other paperwork sorted, they can rent a log cabin and explore the wilds as they like. Plenty of frozen lakes offer ice fishing opportunities, and big game hunters may enjoy the chance to get a trophy animal, such as bears or moose. Meanwhile, other guests may be there simply to observe the wildlife, such as bird watchers or anyone who enjoys photographing nature. These people may go hiking and stay on the lookout for any animals, plants, or terrain they normally don’t see in their own state. Outdoors enthusiasts may also go kayaking along Alaska’s streams or go rock climbing, too.

In other cases, a tourist will want to check out Alaska’s wilderness up high, where they don’t have to get their hands dirty. States such as Alaska and Hawaii offer helicopter tours, and a tourist may look online ahead of time to book a helicopter ride. That vacationer is urged to look up helicopter tour slots well ahead of time, such as weeks or months in advance, to find one that fits their planned trip. In other cases, the tourist might actually choose and book a helicopter ride first, then plan the rest of their vacation around it.

During such a tour, the tourists will board the helicopter and put on headsets so that they can hear each other and the tour guide over the noise of the vehicle in flight. During the flight, the pilot will fly over interesting terrain and features below, and the tour guide will explain local wildlife and history. Such tour helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather, for safety’s sake.

Booking a Wedding Venue

What about Alaska glacier weddings? Many American brides and grooms today are opting for creative outdoor venues for their wedding reception and/or ceremony, and they often choose rustic farms or sunny beaches. That’s not the only option, though. Outdoors-loving brides and grooms may book a piece of land right outside an Alaskan city for their wedding in spring or summer, and the wedding party may send a few people ahead of time to prepare. Logistics must be handled in person, such as consulting local table and chair, linens, and party tent rental companies. For an Alaska glacier wedding’s guests, plenty of vehicle transport and hotel rooms should be arranged, such as flights to the city and taxi or shuttle bus transport to the venue. As a bonus, nearby hotels might offer bulk discounts if the wedding party books a lot of rooms all at once. If everything is done right, the bride, groom, and guests may enjoy a fresh, open-aired wedding with a fantastic backdrop of natural glaciers, lakes, pine forests, and mountains.