Types of private planes

There are a variety of companies that work with clients and customers throughout the country and abroad. As a result, it’s important to have reliable and convenient transportation, such as private jet charters for business. Small private jets, for example, are able to fly higher than their commercial counterparts, which tend to cruise at 35,000 feet. Given this, small private jets are able to avoid air traffic and will usually arrive at their destinations in less time.

Another benefit of using private jets is that they have access to more airports than commercial airlines. There are more than 5,000 airports available to them throughout the United States. Commercial airlines, however, only have access to 550 of this country’s airports.

When traveling for business, it makes sense to have the necessary staff on the same flight. In this way, they will be able to arrive at their destination together, which will also save valuable time and effort. A survey showed that business aircraft passengers tend to hold these positions at the following percentages:

  • Top management: 22%
  • Other managers: 50%
  • Technical, sales, and/or service staff: 20%

It’s often necessary for personnel to work on existing projects, such as presentations, while traveling. A 2009 survey revealed that many employees may be even more productive on a company jet, such as an executive private jet charter, than they were at the office. This was true for 20% of the individuals that responded. The survey also revealed that when business personnel traveled via commercial airlines, they actually experienced a 40% drop in productivity. Given this, it makes good business sense to charter private jet flights.

Have you discovered that your staff tends to be less focused and productive when they take traditional commercial flights? You may want to consider executive private jet charters as an alternative means of travel. In addition to the above, there are other benefits to traveling by private jet. Once you and your staff travel by private jet, you’ll be able to experience these directly. There’s an excellent chance that you’ll discover everyone aboard was more productive during the flight and that they arrive more relaxed than if they had traveled via commercial airlines.