Carriage rides

If you are taking a trip to a new city on a vacation anytime in the near future, consider how it is you want to tour that new city. What kinds of things do you want to see? How do you want to experience them?

In the United States–especially on the east coast–there are many different cities that have been cities long before we have even been a country. Many of the best parts of these cities are located in historic places where horses and carriages once ruled the cobblestone streets.

In our modern world, it is sometimes difficult to get a sense of what things used to be like. The way people lived and worked and played can sometimes be lost to time. Sometimes, the best way to explore something new is to go back to the old. That is why exploring a new city on a horse drawn carriage tour can be exciting and new. Here are three reasons you should give horse drawn carriage rides a try the next time you are in a new city you want to explore.

1.)Live the history

When you see a historic city via a historic means of transportation, you are seeing that city the way it was created. Horse drawn carriage rides take you on a tour in the same manner in which the people of the day traveled. In most historic cities, the tour guides are rich with knowledge about what you are seeing and how you are seeing it. You will truly feel as though you are being transported back in time.

2.) Feel the romance.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that 42% of people feel more romantic while on vacation. When you find the best carriage tours, you find guides that are more than just knowledgeable about the basics of a city’s history. You also find guides who know the stories about the people–the details that make the city come to life. These are the types of stories that fill horse drawn carriage rides with romance. The next time you take one, you will immediately understand.

3.) Relax in style and comfort.

Horse carriage tours can give you an experience of a new city in a way you otherwise would never be able to get. The romance is a special factor, and that is something most people seek. At the same time, horse drawn carriage rides can be incredibly relaxing. Taking a tour of a new city can sometimes take its toll on you. You just get tired and need a little decompression time so that you can go back and explore some more. With a horse drawn carriage, you can sit back and simply relax.